Our dog is not impressed with virtual reality

My husband bought E a virtual reality headset and about a dozen games for her Play Station. It is incredible how far graphics engines have progressed in my lifetime. She is in love with it, but Sherlock… Not so much.

I have always struggled with virtual reality games (and honestly, anything that seems like it is filmed with a jerky camera) because they give me motion sickness. The only exception is at Dave and Buster’s, which I learned today is because they incorporate fans into their VR games. I had thought that was because the sensation of air blowing on you added to the idea of movement through some medium, but it is actually because it contributes to your sense of equilibrium.

This is a helpful article on how to get over motion sickness in VR. Not sure I would recommend developing a pot-smoking habit for the sake of gaming, but the others are decent recommendations.

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