Hurricane homeschooling

The flexibility that homeschooling brings has been a blessing in countless ways in the past, but nothing like fleeing a hurricane. Our local government delayed issuing evacuation orders for folks who live in evacuation zones (like us) until the area was literally under a hurricane watch from the National Hurricane Center. This means children in area public schools had classes through Friday. It’s absolutely insane decision-making and no doubt impaired families’ abilities to prepare for a potentially catastrophic storm. But it did not apply to us.

Because we are entrepreneurs and homeschool our daughter, we were able to pick up and leave whenever we wanted. The fact that we homeschool also means our daughter’s education will be minimally disrupted in the long run. We lost a couple days of work to evacuating, but we have her school books and she can continue working while we are here.

Here’s Elise’s temporary classroom. Not a bad view, eh?

I have said this many times, but in our technological age, there is no reason that workers and students should not be given more flexibility as far as location and schedules are concerned. People in our country are so committed to arbitrary rules that they will make the most asinine decisions to stick to the rules, even in life-and-death situations. It’s all completely unnecessary and irrational. There are objectively better and less antisocial ways to live.

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