Why is anyone surprised that abortionists share the fetishes of serial killers?

Seems like a good guy to go to for counseling on when to start a family. What could go wrong?

This week, the family of Indiana’s most prolific abortionist, Ulrich Klopfer, discovered the medically preserved remains of 2,246 babies that he had aborted, which he was warehousing in his home. He was collecting the bodies of the babies he had been killing and living with them. Like they were Beanie Babies or Star Wars figurines.

Klopfer’s clinic had lost its license to perform abortions in 2015, after he had repeatedly performed abortions on girls younger than 13 years old. In his own testimony to the Indiana Medical Licensing Board, Klopfer explained that he performed an abortion on a 10-year-old girl who was raped by her uncle. While her parents supported the abortion and were present, they did not want the uncle to face any legal scrutiny. Klopfer rather dryly confessed that he went along and did not report the rape to authorities, effectively sending the girl back to be abused again. The members of the board cited his “professional incompetence” as reason for revoking his license.

He also kept no records that his clinic had been complying with the state law that women seeking an abortion receive counseling at least 18 hours beforehand. I’m not sure that avoiding being counseled on life decisions by such a man is much of a loss, however.

Interestingly, Pete Buttigieg – presidential candidate and mayor of South Bend, where Klopfer was practicing – intervened on Klopfer’s behalf when a Catholic organization wanted to set up a counseling center across the street from the Women’s Pavilion, where Klopfer worked. His administration refused to grant a permit for the counseling center after they had already purchased the land. Buttigieg is a pro-abortion activist and recently stirred up controversy when he suggested that we define “life” as when a baby takes its first independent breath – sacrilegiously suggesting that this was the “biblical” definition of life – which was obviously intended as defense of late-term abortion. (By Buttigieg’s logic, there are a lot of non-living babies in NICUs across the country.)

Anyway, keeping gruesome souvenirs is classic serial killer behavior, for whom killing becomes a highly ritualized activity. Serial killers like to feel connected to their victims.

Klopfer is hardly the first abortionist found to behave like a serial killer, either.

Kermit Gosnell was convicted in 2013 of killing at least three babies born alive at his abortion mill by severing their spinal cords with scissors. People who knew about or even directly witnessed the issues with his clinic had filed a litany of complaints with authorities, who did absolutely nothing to discipline him for fear of being attacked by abortion activists as trying to impair women’s reproductive rights. Organizations like Planned Parenthood bully lawmakers and other concerned observers into silence, even when there is very good reason to go after someone. It’s a significant component of their business model.

Gosnell preyed on poor women and immigrants, and several even died at his facility. But pro-choice wackos didn’t have a problem with that. As an outspoken advocate for late-term abortion, Gosnell was treated as a progressive hero. He even performed abortions on women who were far along in their pregnancies using experimental technology on television.

In addition to running an abortion mill, Gosnell was also a prosperous heroin dealer. He wrote tons of bogus prescriptions for OxyContin. How better to exploit impoverished urban women than to charge them thousands of dollars to kill their babies and get them addicted to drugs? Again, this guy was a progressive hero.

The OxyContin business was something authorities would pursue, so they raided his clinics. That’s when they discovered the complaints about his business actually understated the wicked reality. They found dead babies in garbage bags and recycled milk cartons everywhere he went. He collected baby feet in jars. Like Klopfer, Gosnell also enjoyed living with souvenirs of his handiwork.

And then there was the 2017 case of Detroit abortionist Michael Roth, who was also caught with 15 jars of parts from aborted babies in his car, out of which he had been performing abortions (perhaps in dark alleys, as the cliché goes). Along with a bunch of drugs. He was driving around with corpses. Totally normal human being, right?

So much of the abortion “debate” is about concealing the fact of what abortion is, which is willfully murdering another living human being. Pro-choice folks try to deny the humanity of aborted babies by describing them as a “clump of cells,” among other things. (I’ve even heard pro-choice individuals compare a baby to a cancerous tumor.) They employ strategies like Buttigieg’s bizarre notion that “life” begins when a baby takes its first independent breath. He’s a 30-second Google search from understanding how biologists define life, but that’s inconvenient to a politics of death.

It’s the height of fantasy to think your emotions have the power to confer real existence on another person, that a baby literally comes into being by the act of a mother desiring it. That’s like Marianne Williamson arguing that people could meditate Hurricane Dorian away – like the sheer act of not wanting a hurricane means you won’t have to deal with it. It’s nonsense. I’d call it childish, except most children are smarter than this.

But perhaps the biggest fantasy that pro-choice people entertain is the fantasy that psychologically well-adjusted people want to be in the business of performing abortions and that they are not sending children and young adults to sicko serial killers to get medical advice. That being an abortionist is a career, not a spree.

A psychologically normal person does not look at a baby bouncing around in its mother’s womb and think, hey, I’m cool suctioning that out with a vacuum cleaner, shooting it up with digoxin to send it into heart failure, sucking out its brain matter, tearing it limb from limb and then re-assembling the body parts in some twisted puzzle in the lab to make sure they didn’t leave any behind to give the mother an infection later. This is the sort of daily grind that only excites psychopaths. And an abortionist is just a psychopath with a 401k.

There’s a reason why many abortionists don’t even have any serious medical training, apart from the fact that Planned Parenthood is adept at stifling regulation. (Only 7% of OB-GYNs who work in private settings will perform an abortion. And even those are reluctant to do most of the procedures performed at private clinics. In more conservative parts of the US, most doctors refuse to refer women to a clinic at all.) Keeping people alive and healthy is not what abortionists are about. It’s not what they do with their hands. They are killers. That is the activity that defines who they are. That is their identity. They aren’t going to go six figures into student debt like a cardiologist just to vacuum wombs like some deranged housewife. You don’t need specialized training to be a serial killer.

There’s a “celebrity” abortionist who was caught discussing the sale of fetal remains and is involved in the trial of David Daleiden in California. (He’s the guy who caught them on tape. Kamala Harris & Co. have charged him with felony eavesdropping. His defense is based on the fact that he taped people confessing to criminal activity, as the abortionists he spoke to described how they convince women to get certain kinds of procedures because they produce optimal cadavers to be sold. And the trade-offs of pushing women into decisions that also risk live births.) The abortionist wore a necklace with a silver coat hanger dangling from it into the courtroom to show her pride in her profession.

How bizarre is it that this sort of psychopathic projection has been normalized in some regions of our country? These people are telling you who they are and what they love to do.

It is beyond me why anyone would ever act surprised that abortionists have the same sick fetishes as serial killers. I think more sensible future generations of Americans will look back on this era of politicians encouraging girls to have as much sex as possible – and hey, who’s to “slut shame” you if you don’t even know his name – then kill any “unplanned” pregnancy that may result the same way we look back on the Holocaust. (It actually is a holocaust, the term we humans use to describe slaughter on a mass scale.)

I think future generations will see abortionist personalities as they really are: people with the same moral compass as the Manson family, who engage in the same sort of behavior.

And I think they will see pro-choice people the same way we see ordinary Germans of Hitler’s era – people so drugged on fantastical, narcissistic rhetoric or fearful of personal repercussions that they stood by and watched it happen. Some of them even voted to protect it. They “believed” in it. Because abortion involves talking about very real babies in theoretical terms, and the denial of empirical evidence.

It will probably be an object of interest to future generations how so many people lionized a guy that was living with over two thousand dead bodies in his house, as if his life was one big safari, but his trophies are human beings. And some of those trophies were removed from the uterus of girls who weren’t even teenagers yet.

And people called it progress.

2 thoughts on “Why is anyone surprised that abortionists share the fetishes of serial killers?

  1. This was such a powerful post! I wish you wrote for a wider media audience, honestly, I think you could help open the eyes of so many people who are trying to live in denial about these things. You have a gift in the way you write!

    And loved your testimony again. The recent post led me to this one from my reader, and I’m so glad it did because somehow I missed this one back in September.

    Liked by 1 person

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