How the media outright lies about Syria

Immediately after President Trump announced that US Special Forces had killed the monstrous terrorist and patriarch of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Jake Tapper was on CNN interviewing neocons and Obama-era officials about the raid. You knew they were going to try to minimize the significance of the event – given that neocons and Obama-era officials are the reason we have ISIS in the first place.

(Normal folks would not care about the opinions of people who were the architects of a global terrorist threat, but we are talking about a news organization with several contributors who are currently under criminal investigation, so…)

I’ve said that we are fighting a war in a country most Americans can’t find on a map and very few people in power can even in explain. Well that was on full display on CNN.

Jake Tapper remarked that “without the relationship with the Kurds…this successful mission could not have been carried out.” Representative Mike Rogers chimed in “you could not have done it without those Kurdish forces…You can’t do it without those allies [who] we just walked away from.”

Hilariously, the area the raid took place in was not even close to Kurdish territory, and it was Iraqi intelligence sources who gave US Special Forces the exact coordinates of where Hell’s latest resident was hiding. If they had merely paid attention to the facts of the raid, they would have known these things. But news organizations literally make shit up out of nowhere now. Stuff that can be disproved by 30 seconds on Google, if folks cared to do so.

Jake Tapper and Co. were just trying to smear the president, knowing full well that they have zero accountability from their audience. Their audience is going to believe the worst about the Trump administration whether it is real or not. They are like Mean Girls with their burn book of lies. It’s the thrill of the smear that animates them, and they need it literally every hour of every day and have for several years now.

In fact, most observers know so little about Syria and the people who live there that they cannot talk about this event without conflating it with the policy involving the Kurds. If anything, killing the leader of the ISIS is of incalculable assistance to the Kurds, not a display of how badly we’ve screwed them.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post issued an obituary for the terrorist (since edited, which I will not send traffic to), which they described as an “austere religious scholar with wire-frame glasses,” who “maintained a canny pragmatism.”

“Acquaintances would remember him as a shy, nearsighted youth who liked soccer but preferred to spend his free time at the local mosque,” they added. WaPo basically decided to talk about one of the worst people in human history as if he were a slightly problematic version of Elijah Cummings. Someone who beheaded children and kept armies of women to rape.

These are not authorities on foreign policy. They are less mature and self-aware than most schoolchildren.

Update: Add Bloomberg to the list.

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