The chap running Biden’s new super-PAC worked with Hunter Biden’s failed hedge fund

Amid a fundraising drought, Joe Biden decided to reverse course… Now he seemingly has no problem accepting super-PAC money. He’s not bringing in much new money, and most of his large donors have already hit their maximum contributions. This means that he can only continue to milk his connections if they go the dark money route. Without dark money, his presidential campaign is toast. (Though it arguably is already.)

But don’t worry, Biden says… He’ll take a hands-off approach when it comes to dark money. Which is good, because taking a hands-on approach to dark money is illegal.

That’s why I found it incredibly interesting who is running Biden’s new “Unite the Country” (lol) super-PAC: Massachusetts uber-lobbyist Larry Rasky.

Rasky is a seriously toxic choice for a Biden super-PAC treasurer in an environment where everyone is scrutinizing Biden’s son’s financial connections. Hunter Biden brought Larry Rasky in on his Paradigm Capital Management hedge fund venture, and Rasky also reportedly looked at investing a million dollars of his own money into helping the younger Biden purchase the firm. (Hunter Biden did not have the money to purchase the firm outright himself, so he was looking to political friends to help him via a promissory note. That’s actually how he ended up getting sued six ways from Sunday.)

Paradigm Capital Management was an embarrassing venture for many reasons. One of Biden’s business partners was related to a freaky cult leader. (You seriously cannot make this stuff up.) And Biden formed a partnership with Texas financier R. Allen Stanford, who is best known for being convicted of running a Ponzi scheme. In fact, there were allegations that Biden was personally enriching himself with client dough too. Not being much of a money manager himself (the kid went to law school, not business school), Biden and his pals were mostly content to loot the fund for his personal spending habits. Or at least that was what was alleged when his partners sued him. Biden quietly settled all of the lawsuits connected to Paradigm once Daddy became Vice President.

It’s almost hilarious how incestuous these people are. Rasky and folks from Paradigm were also big campaign bundlers for Obama-Biden. You kind of have to wonder if any Ponzi dough was laundered into campaign cash. Nothing would surprise me about the Bidens at this point.

Now you would think these would be useful details for someone like Elizabeth Warren, but they aren’t. Rasky and his wife maxed out their contributions to Warren’s Senate campaigns because you know she hates lobbyists putting their dirty money into politics so much.

Anyway, if you think there is a Chinese wall separating Hunter Biden’s business dealings from his father, you are kidding yourself. Hunter’s business connections are raising as much dark money as they can to help put Daddy back into office. Probably out of the goodness of their hearts, right?

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