Kanye West’s full interview with Big Boy

I have mad respect for Kanye West after watching this video. I had seen clips from it on the news that were (predictably) edited in unflattering ways, and went to YouTube to see the whole thing. I am so glad I did.

Kanye West has developed into some sort of anti-hero in the spirit of Joseph Heller – the only sane person in an insane world, who finally breaks to the point that he’s going to speak truth to power relentlessly and effectively. He gets bashed for being a black Republican who preaches about family values. He gets accused (falsely) of sharing the prosperity gospel. But he’s standing his ground. He thinks that people can relate to him more after seeing him navigate “cancel culture,” and he’s right. His testimony is no doubt helping a lot of people shift toward healthier lives.

His overall message is that people are only going to find happiness if they defy the nihilism that has taken over our culture. (We have no culture now – we are cultural orphans, he says. Our environment is swarming with “culture vultures.” So true. We are witnessing what happens to our country when people turn their backs on traditional values and start taking antisocial positions. It’s destroying entire generations, who have been taught such unhealthy habits and preferences that they can’t function in the real world.) Build families, he says. Opt out of social media’s toxic ecosystems. Stop listening to rappers who talk about prison reform and then glorify behaviors that land you in prison. Stop thanking people in politics for putting you on food stamps and providing your children with a self-destructive education. They aren’t your saviors; they are keeping you as their wage slaves.

In the spirit of being pro-family, Kanye talks about how the left’s abortion deity disproportionately impacts minority communities. And he’s right about that. White progressives like Bernie Sanders even congratulate themselves openly about how they’ve helped minority communities by making it easier for them to butcher their young. It’s not Kanye who has cracked up.

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