The best laid plans…

So our neighbors volunteered to watch Sherlock while we are in Fort Lauderdale, which means that we do not need to put him up in a pet condo for the weekend. (Fort Lauderdale is actually a very pet-friendly city, but dogs are explicitly banned from the International Boat Show.) This should be an awesome arrangement. Sherlock gets to stay in his element.

My only concern was that he might try to make a break for it once he realizes we are gone. I have never had a hunting breed before now, and one of the most amazing things about them is their natural ability to track by scent and observation of habits. For example, I like to go out walking/hiking a lot. When my husband lets Sherlock out to go to the bathroom, Sherlock will follow my path – even zigzagging back and forth where I could not make up my mind which way to go – until he finds me. He has followed me all the way to the Intracoastal Waterway before. It’s insane.

So we had this plan that we would pack our backs secretly in shifts and then haul them out the car in shifts, thus Sherlock would never know we were leaving on a trip. Then it would be like we just left for lunch and came back after the longest day ever.

The only problem is that we have a seven-year-old. I told her to go play in the yard with him while we were packing, and instead she decided to bare her heart to him about how she will miss him while we are gone. He’s only a puppy, she thought, he won’t understand and she needed the catharsis. Yep, only a Jack Russell puppy, one of the most intelligent breeds there are.

Guess who is pouting now. Come on, man.

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