Holy wow, New York’s criminal justice reform law is insane

I had no idea how insane the criminal justice “reform” laws that New York just enacted were until I started reading up on the protests happening around NYC. The general sentiment is “if you think the protests are ugly now, wait until there are literally no consequences for this sort of behavior.”

It would seem that, effective January 1st, the city is ending cash bail for all but the most violent offenses. If you are apprehended selling fentanyl on the corner or breaking into a home, for example, you are simply going to be issued a desk appearance ticket and sent on your way. The city isn’t even going to inconvenience your drug business with a brief stay in jail.

The law is also retroactive, meaning that any inmates currently in the system for anything less than violent offenses will be released. Governor Cuomo is already looking at releasing 900 inmates in NYC early (just in time for the holiday property crime season).

But those criminals likely won’t even show up for court because there will be no consequences, you say. You’re right and the city understands this too. That’s why they are offering criminals Mets tickets and Dunkin Doughnuts gift cards as an incentive to show up for court. I am not even remotely kidding.

If you thought the new president of Mexico was insane with his “hugs not bullets” attitude toward the drug cartels that are now running his country and that routinely overpower the nation’s military, consider the fact that major cities in the United States are about to adopt the same policy approach.

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