San Francisco elected the child of domestic terrorists as district attorney

Having spent my early childhood on the Sacramento River delta, San Francisco was a magical place to me. It was a stunningly beautiful city with fabulous architecture and history and an incredible food culture.

It is shocking how much a single generation has utterly trashed the city. Now San Francisco is a place that has more drug addicts than kids enrolled in public high schools, roughly 1 in 38 residents. San Francisco hands out 4.45 million “free” hypodermic needles a year to drug addicts, most of which end up littering the streets and getting washed out to the ocean. The city has 16,000 people with HIV and 13,000 people with Hepatitis C. Tech-savvy residents have created a map to mark human defecation. Car break-ins (to feed the city’s drug addiction) happen every 22 minutes. It is a city defined by social failure.

You would think San Francisco residents would have a compelling interest in having a justice system that works to clean up these problems. And you would be wrong. Instead residents are electing radicals intent on amplifying the city’s ills. The kind that lead their supporters in chanting “fuck the police” at their election parties. Because it makes sense to have people making laws that openly hate the people working to enforce the laws.

In an election with virtually no turnout, San Francisco chose Chesa Boudin as district attorney. Boudin ran on a message of ending mass incarceration. That means the city will have a prosecutor who doesn’t want to send criminals to prison. He ran for the position to undermine the position and won.

Boudin knows a lot about incarceration. His parents were members of the domestic terrorist group Weather Underground, and were convicted of murdering two police officers and a security guard during an armed robbery in upstate New York. His mother was released in 2003 and now has a position at Columbia University – because higher education is so backwards now that convicted murderers are teaching folks about the evils of incarceration – and his dad is still in prison.

So what did Boudin do while his parents were in prison growing up? He was raised by the leader of the Weather Underground, Bill Ayers, in Chicago. The same Ayers who helped turn Chicago Public Schools into the poor performing money pit that it is today. After law school, Boudin went to work for Venezuela’s now deceased president Hugo Chávez. His credentials in helping turn great places into literal shitholes are impressive.

You almost have to wonder how cities like San Francisco and New York, which soon will be offering criminals Mets tickets to show up for court because bail is racist, can retain any police force at all. Who puts their own life at risk in the service of systems like these?

All I can say is thank God for the electoral college.

3 thoughts on “San Francisco elected the child of domestic terrorists as district attorney

  1. H.G. Well’s The Time Traveler visited a society of The far future where humanity has evolved into two species, the Eloi, descendants of the former elite leisure class; and the Moorlocks, descendants of the former working and producing classes. Only the Eloi have become so dependant, degenerate, and childlike that the Moorlocks, who still feed and clothe them, also cannibalize them. California is on its way to that future. The California elites live in exclusive physical enclaves and in cloud worlds of fantasy politics, separate from the grimy, lawless world that the ordinary people endure until they can emigrate from California. Liz Warren’s attacks on the billionaires is a premonition of the day when the latter will be consumed by the Moorlocks. ☹☹

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  2. It would be interesting to study what turns people into crime-deniers. I feel like this is a relatively new phenomenon, and it’s not only limited to social elites.

    Before we moved here, we lived in a mid-sized city (population >300,000) that is seeing a lot of population growth, primarily from highly dysfunctional places like Chicago and Detroit. The city had been a quaint place to live, very Southern and polite. In the course of a few years, the city had bona fide gang activity. The police had never seen this before, and had no idea how to deal with it, so they let the gangs walk all over them. All public parks and walking trails became places to score heroin. The parking lot of our neighborhood grocery store was taken over by drug trades almost as soon as the sun went down. The kids sacking groceries were afraid to go collect buggies. A place that had upscale shops now had seen two drive-by shootings. Drug addicts would shoot up as soon as they got their drugs there, so you’d see people overdosing on the sidewalks and hunched over like zombies in running vehicles. Occasionally someone hopped up on drugs would go on a rampage in the store, knocking over displays and screaming nonsense. It was insane.

    NextDoor and Facebook were full of videos of this stuff. Everyone hated the quack government and the do-nothing police department. But they’d never consider leaving. They were totally convinced that any potential destination would be exactly the same or worse, which thirty seconds of looking at crime statistics would tell you is not true. Some populations just have an extraordinarily high tolerance for property crime and even violent crime. They talk about it like it’s basketball. These cities that are in downward spirals are certainly not happening by accident.

    I’ve watched the same thing happen to Denver, where some of my family lives (though they all talk seriously about moving, even though they love the mountains). When the state legalized pot, it seemed like they had put a lot of thought into locking down the drug trade. But now neighborhoods that were perfectly safe to walk at any hour of the day when I was a teenager have cartel activity. The cartels always follow demand for drugs, and once they are there, they are embedded. The city is just gross to walk around in now. What used to be a city full of preppy libertarian ski bums is now tatted up potheads.

    My pet theory for all of this is that Millennials moving into otherwise undesirable locations en masse can cause a real estate bubble, even though they themselves have no money. They create massive demand for lower-tier housing options, which allows those people to sell and move into higher tier options. And thus it follows all the way up the ladder. You have a bunch of ordinary people who feel rich because they own property in a housing bubble, so they will defend where they live, even though their lifestyle looks more and more like a third-world country than a moneyed enclave.


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