My favorite exchange from the impeachment circus so far

The impeachment inquiry hearings are an unbelievable circus, and I think most serious people realize this is only happening because Democrats do not have a single electable candidate for president. They don’t have a prayer of removing Trump from office because they do not control the Senate. And the notion of trying to impeach a president in the middle of an election cycle is self-mocking. “We must impeach the president before democracy happens!” Um, yeah, you run that game, Einsteins. Maybe no one will notice that your top candidates are going to tax the snot out of the middle class trying to imitate Venezuela’s path to prosperity.

But this exchange was truly something. The former ambassador to Ukraine acknowledges that during her confirmation process, the Obama administration held a trial question-and-answer session exclusively on the topic of Hunter Biden being on the board of a seriously corrupt Ukrainian company while his dad was the architect of US-Ukrainian policy.

She says there was no other topic being considered during these prep sessions. They were training her to respond to policymakers’ questions about how Hunter Biden landed at the very top of a company, in which he had zero relevant experience and couldn’t even speak the freaking language, and was getting paid a million dollars a year. It’s like putting a Korean housewife on the board of Exxon-Mobil and expecting no one to scratch their head.

We’ve now had months of political theater that is costing American taxpayers millions of dollars over a phone call that mentions something Democrats themselves recognized as a material conflict of interest and legal liability, to the point that they already had a long history of coaching one of their star circus witnesses on how to answer questions about it. And she said that out loud. I mean, why not, Biden himself is already on video bragging about getting the prosecutor looking into his son’s gravy train fired. They are so hysterical in their hatred of Trump that they think the electorate will overlook garbage like this?

As I have mentioned before, Burisma is far from the worst of the corrupt dealings the Biden clan was engaged in. Biden was backing investments in Chinese companies that are blacklisted in the United States for military espionage and the facial recognition company that is helping the Chinese track the Muslim minority community that they are throwing into literal concentration camps. Democrats are lucky Trump is in the middle of negotiations with China over trade, otherwise Biden bankrolling the torture and murder of Chinese citizens would be what we are talking about now. Because you know that’s the only thing preventing his advisers from calling that to his attention.

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