Take one down, pass it around

I think any serious person watching (or half-watching) the impeachment circus understands that the biggest loser in this whole spectacle is Joe Biden. (Of course, Don Jr nuking The View had a higher viewership than these hearings, so the pool of serious observers is pretty small.)

Biden was always a weak candidate. Even in a country that is sick and tired of people clutching their pearls with fake concern for the state of our democracy, Biden manages to raise eyebrows. He can’t take a picture with a woman without trying to smell her hair or putting his hand around her waist like a lover. He even does that to preteen girls and it’s gross. He makes stuff up, invents memories from public service, constantly. “Sir, you weren’t vice president during the Florida school shooting. The victims did not come visit you in the White House and patiently absorb your wisdom.” Blah blah blah. The guy is such a bad candidate that it’s boring to talk about what a bad candidate he is.

But now… Thanks to Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff, there is not a single person in this country who does not associate the Bidens with corruption in some way. You have some very small minority of Democrats who will defend the Bidens despite all evidence, but their arguments are self-mocking. The more fervently they try to defend Biden, the sleazier he looks. The sleazier they look. The sane thing to do if you were a political strategist would be to stop talking about him and move on. But Pelosi and Schiff staked out a public position on this topic, and they are going to ride that limping, whining, sputtering horse into the sunset.

Meanwhile, with the other candidates, there’s only insanity. The electorate has tried on several candidates as a front-runner after becoming disillusioned with Biden. They tried on Kamala Harris, whose record with prosecutions was so bad it was absurd anyone from the political machine held her up as a viable candidate. (“Hey, let’s nominate someone who kept an innocent man on death row.”) They tried on Elizabeth Warren, until people started asking her where she was going to get new tax revenue for her plans. Instead of giving them an honest answer, she upped her health care spending to over $50 trillion. They started off branding her as a policy wonk, but it turns out she’s as much of a policy wonk as she is a Native American. Paired with her is Sanders, who is running on “hell, yes, I will take your health care providers away.” Half of the country will walk through fire to vote against them.

Now they are going to try on Buttigieg, the mayor of a college town with barely 100,000 residents who decided out of nowhere to run for president. And the charm will last until someone notices that he’s polling at 0% with black voters. It is statistically impossible for any Democratic candidate to win with even a slight decline in participation from black voters, so Buttigieg would be like conceding the race now. (And that’s before the Republicans dig up dirt on Buttigieg, like his support for an abortion doctor that had the corpses of thousands of babies in his house and the trunk of his car. Behold, your moderate candidate!)

The Democratic machine has already proclaimed that Tulsi Gabbard, despite serving in the US military, is actually a Russian agent.

So that leaves Klobucher and Booker for the electorate to try on, and then its brutally unpopular nanny state billionaires all the way down.

Republicans thank you for the clown show, Nancy.

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