Biden just called a Democratic voter fat and challenged him to an IQ contest

Behold, the Democratic front-runner for president.

An elderly man at a town hall meeting in Iowa asked Biden about his son, Hunter’s, board position with a corrupt energy company in the Ukraine. He says he is concerned with television reports that Biden may have put his son in a position to peddle influence.

Biden responds by calling the man “a damn liar,” challenging him to a push-up contest and an IQ test contest, and calling him fat. He’s not sparring with a fellow candidate here. He’s talking to a voter. And not just any voter. A Democratic voter.

Watch how he reacts to an elderly man in a sweater who speaks humbly and then imagine him in a debate with Trump.

The Biden folks (really the DNC and the media as well) seem to think that they are going to bully people into believing that asking questions about his family’s business enterprises while he was the architect of foreign policy is going to be an effective way of evading questions.

You are irrational if you think the guy who was smoking crack in the VIP room of DC strip clubs and who told a court just this week that he was dead broke to avoid paying child support for his illegitimate child with a stripper in Arkansas (who had to get a DNA test and take him to court) was not a great candidate in his own right to be on the board of directors of an energy company to the tune of a million dollars a year in a foreign country his VP father just happened to be dealing with. Irrational. More than that, you are a bad person for questioning this. You should be publicly demeaned and humiliated.

And they don’t just treat Trump supporters this way. They treat Democratic voters who question leadership this way. They’ve even called one of their own candidates a Russian asset. You will repeat the goddamn talking points or we will destroy your personhood.

Between this event, an incoherent Biden talking about children rubbing his legs to watch the hairs stand up, Biden leaning forward to bite his wife’s finger while she’s speaking, etc. it’s hard deny that the chap is senile. And this is probably why his handlers and the party’s machinery have to act this way to prop him up.

They can run as many ads caricaturing Trump on policy and saying he’s an unserious person and the world is laughing at him, but their front-runner just bit his wife’s finger on television.

I personally don’t think Trump’s campaign should spend a dime pretending they are in a general election battle with Biden because the dynamic will probably change after results from early voting states (and crowd-sourced memes are free anyway). But, boy, do they have a lot of material for attack ads portraying him as a zombie if he is the nominee.

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