Be careful what you ask for

Elise has been consumed this evening with making a Christmas list. I saw her staring at a blank page and asked her what was on her mind. Was she trying to figure out what toy she wanted most?

Elise: The problem is that I already have a lot of toys. It’s difficult to come up with something I want that I don’t already have.

Me: Well, that’s an awfully nice problem to have, don’t you think?

Elise: You aren’t helping.

Me: Well, perhaps instead of toys, you might consider experiences that you want to have. Places you would like to go, or whatever.

Elise: How is Santa going to leave an “experience” for me under the tree? An experience is not a thing.

Me: I don’t know. I hear Santa is pretty creative. I’m sure he’ll come up with something.

So here’s her list:

  1. A real breathing baby dragon.
  2. Ninja course
  3. The chance to train a wolf.

Me: I think it’s probably going to be hard for Santa to find a real baby dragon, considering that dragons aren’t real. [Tries not to laugh at the irony.]

Elise: He has flying reindeer. He probably knows where to find dragons too.

Me: Hard to argue with that. Um, “the chance to train a wolf.”

Elise: You told me to think of an experience I would like to have. Training a wolf would be a great experience.

Me: Sure, why not. [Ponders whether the ninja course is for her or the wolf.]

Nothing prepares you for children.

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