Democrats want to adopt Trump’s policies while portraying him as an immediate threat to the country

Yesterday, during the House impeachment hearings, Americans were treated to Democratic lawyers representing one committee questioning Democratic lawyers representing another committee. Democrats can’t provide anything of substance, Ukrainian officials are doing interviews now saying Democrats are spreading false information, and most of their testimony was hearsay of a call that Americans could read for themselves. So now they are just having their staffers stage fake conversations with each other as if they were witnesses in these events. And no one stopped them and said, hey, don’t you sort of worry about the optics of this?

One of their lawyers played both the person asking the questions and the person answering the questions in these fake interrogations. Nadler swore the guy in to be treated like a witness, then had him physically get up and leave the committee room and return before Republicans could question him. When he returned, Nadler explained that the lawyer had ceased to be a witness after he left the room and returned merely as committee staff.

This is a totally serious enterprise, y’all.

Republicans were mostly sitting there in what-the-actual-fuck mode, though Representative Gaetz did have fun with one of the committee’s lawyers, pointing out that had he donated over $100,000 to Democratic candidates like his counterpart, the committee might let him ask and answer questions simultaneously too. (Said attorney had only donated around $30,000 to Democratic candidates. It’s a wonder they even bother getting a law degree.)

Then Democrats ran around taking a “victory lap” in the media because the Inspector General issued a scathing report saying he had no evidence that Obama’s Justice Department was politically biased, but 500 pages single-spaced of evidence that Obama’s Justice Department and FBI was catastrophically incompetent and malicious-for-unknown-reasons at literally every level of government. They only falsified evidence, made a series of misrepresentations to the FISA court, and submitted a fictitious dossier paid for by the Clinton campaign as justification for wiretapping someone, and outright lied to the court about the author’s credibility. Something to be proud of! Pat yourselves on the back!

But it continues.

Today, Democrats introduced two articles of impeachment tied to Ukraine and then within an hour announced that they had finally decided to vote on Trump’s new trade deal with Canada and Mexico, which Democrats have been stonewalling for months.

So they hate the president, think he is such an immediate threat to the country that he should be removed from office in the middle of an election cycle, he’s betrayed the country with treasonous acts, but his economic policy is brilliant, let’s get that done. Can you imagine being the trade negotiators in the White House trying to keep policy decisions on track while working with this epic group of idiots?

I say this all the time, but it’s is remarkable our country has managed to be prosperous given Democrats trying to jam a stick in the spokes of government on a daily basis. They are so irrelevant to how the country operates (for the time being, at least) that the stock market doesn’t even sell off over their drama. Yawn, the children are at it again.

Of course, the impeachment circus now has the Democrats deeply underwater in polls in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. (And that’s in a Trump – Biden match-up, not a Trump – Socialism match-up.) Florida’s Republican governor, who is an extremely vocal Trump supporter, has the highest approval rating in the country.

Letting the trade deal expire would have certainly handed Republicans the House of Representatives. And after impeachment, that might be likely already. Unlike midterms, Republicans are not facing a mountain of retirements, and dozens of Democrats in the House are in districts that voted for Trump. We shall see.

I don’t even know what to say to people who still support these folks at this point. It’s like Democrats are holding Americans hostage with an endless parade of increasingly ridiculous tantrums because they have been incapable of producing a likable, let alone electable, candidate for two election cycles now.

8 thoughts on “Democrats want to adopt Trump’s policies while portraying him as an immediate threat to the country

    1. The polling data is so bad for them. Even national polling now has Trump with higher favorability ratings than every single Democratic candidate. My fears about Bloomberg were totally assuaged when I saw his favorability rating. It’s in the low 20s, lol. The man is hated and he’s spending hundreds of millions of dollars on ads.

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      1. Though pat of me kind of wonders if Bloomberg was ever a legitimate candidate at all. Maybe running for president is a good way to spam the country with ads without having the negative publicity of a super PAC.


      2. Pennsylvania is one of my favorite states to watch. Before the 2016 election, I talked a lot about how I thought Trump would win, which was a very unpopular position to take. I had so many people blow up on me, one being a former classmate from college who lived in Pennsylvania. He told me I did not know anything about his state, and that hell would freeze over before people there would vote for Trump. I told him that he underestimated how much the left bashing the working class was going to hurt Democrats. He wanted to wager on it, and I took him up on that. I laughed so hard when I was right about PA.

        I have a system for watching presidential elections. I tell people all the time that national polls are worthless. There is no national election for president, but individual statewide races (and then the electoral college). So I make a map with how I think states are leaning, and I trust local polling sources and internal campaign polling over polls from the mainstream media outlets. I nailed the map last cycle, with the exception of Wisconsin (I had it for Clinton) and Nevada. So I was correct on the result net-net. It’s actually kind of hilarious how bad the media is with basic math.

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