Horror stories from Buttigieg’s favorite abortionist

I recently came across the most disturbing article from the local newspaper in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on Ulrich Klopfer. Folks will remember that Klopfer is the abortionist who had the remains of 2,246 babies from the abortions he performed stored in his house, with another 165 remains found in the trunk of one of his cars at a storage unit.

Klopfer operated a handful of abortion clinics, with a large and active one in South Bend, also known as the small town (population ~ 100,000) that presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is mayor of. Buttigieg is a passionate supporter of late-term abortion and advocated for Klopfer’s practice, putting up administrative roadblocks for Catholic ministries to erect counseling facilities nearby.

Of course, Buttigieg’s support for late-term abortion is a non-issue in the Democratic primary, as the majority of Democratic voters are not religious. But it will likely be a serious source of opposition research in the general election. I digress.

The local paper interviewed five women who received abortions from Klopfer, including in South Bend, and their stories are absolutely horrific. The youngest woman they interviewed received an abortion at the age of 13:

When the news of the fetal remains collection surfaced, former patients, associates, and lawmakers came out to publicly share experiences they had with the doctor.

Jessica Bowen, who got an abortion from Klopfer’s Fort Wayne clinic in 2013 at age 18, vividly remembers her encounter.

“It was excruciating,” she said. “It was so painful.”

She was already feeling anxious about her decision to get an abortion, but Klopfer’s bedside manner she didn’t see coming.

“I begged him and asked to stop,” Bowen continued. “I started screaming and crying and I said, ‘please stop, I don’t want to do this anymore,’ and he looked at the nurse and told her to keep me quiet because I was going to scare the other patients.”

She said the nurse then covered her mouth.

“At one point I was crying and screaming because of the pain and the trauma and he told me to shut up and stop crying,” said Abby Whitt, who went to Klopfer’s South Bend clinic in 2013 at the age of 18. “I just remember being scared of him. I don’t think he cared about the patients at all.”

Kelly Bowker, who underwent an abortion from Klopfer at 17-years-old, was also surprised by his demeanor.

“He was very quick about it,” she said of her 1992 procedure visit in Fort Wayne. “He didn’t want to know your name. He didn’t want to offer any kind of advice or council. He just came in, did what he wanted to do, and then he left.”

Serena Dyksen said after being raped by someone close to her, she had an abortion appointment at Klopfer’s South Bend clinic at just 13-years-old.

I was so weak,” she said of her state after the abortion procedure. “When I stood up blood just went everywhere. So My dad had to carry me out. I was so weak and I was so busted, and I was 13.”

She said she was traumatized by the experience.

“It was a horrible, horrible pain,” she continued. “He yelled at me because I was yelling in pain and there was just no care, no compassion at all. He was just a very nasty man. Even afterwards when I went to recover I ended up hemorrhaging everywhere and he never came back in to even check on me. He just sent me home.”

In one of the most tragic stories, Klopfer left pieces of fetus inside a patient who was about 20-years-old. Her name remains anonymous. She would’ve died, if not for a doctor in town that performed an emergency procedure on her. Geoff Cly testified before the Indiana state senate about his life-saving procedure and would eventually commit to being Klopfer’s emergency backup doctor for the sake of helping women such as this one.

“She was so sick and her uterus was so infected with bacteria with pieces of the tissue of baby left inside that the antibiotics didn’t work,” Cly explained. “We had to do surgery eventually and we had to take her uterus out. So this young woman could never have children anymore. So I was as a doctor, I was upset.”

I just can’t get over all the stories coming out about Klopfer that involve the girls’ PARENTS taking them to see him for “health care.” Imagine putting your child into the hands of this man.

Buttigieg’s support for Klopfer was not an accident. Klopfer was a prolific abortionist, having performed as many as 50,000 abortions in the region, and was thus treated as a celebrity in left-leaning circles. Even as he was butchering his female clients. As the influence of labor unions have waned, Planned Parenthood has stepped in to become the major donor to Democratic causes. Along with this financial influence comes politicians sucking up to serial killers.

Klopfer’s behavior, horrific as it is, is not unusual in the abortion industry (and it is an industry – you don’t stay poor performing 50,000 abortions at several hundred dollars a pop). As I have written about before, there are a number of abortionists who have collected trophies of their work (Gosnell, among others). And every time they are found out, there is a parade of victims explaining unsanitary conditions and violent procedures.

These situations are created by an industry that fights any and all regulatory restrictions on what they do and who can become an abortionist. There are very few licensed OB-GYNs who are willing to refer someone for an abortion, let alone perform ones themselves. It’s a lucrative business with low economic barriers to entry because you have to be something of a sicko psychologically to want to dismember babies for a living.

That’s sort of the irony of abortion in the United States. Whenever you start talking about regulating it, proponents explode about coat hangers and alleys. But their heroes like Klopfer and Gosnell are not very far off from coat hangers.

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