The most cited authors in academia should make you rethink K-12 education

This is a list of the most cited authors for academic articles in history. Note that the majority of articles here are socialist / communist authors (and beyond that, not historians in any sense of the word). Second on the list, Eric Hobsbawm, was an outright Stalinist. These are articles written by the people who are teaching your children core classes at university, quantified. And folks wonder why public discourse in our country is so fucked up and why an entire generation is moving back in with their parents. Aren’t you glad your child is going deep into debt for this?

I have said this before, but one of the best arguments for homeschooling nowadays is the opportunity to give your child a strong liberal arts education BEFORE they are college-aged. Teach them the things well-educated people must learn when other children are in public high schools. Either that, or put them in a solid private school that is rich on western civilization. Then when they get to college, they can focus on business or STEM pursuits or other ways to make a decent living.

Humanities at the college level is DEAD.

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