A trove of homeschooling statistics

The Department of Education released the results of its homeschooling survey, Homeschooling in the United States: Results from the 2012 and 2016 Parent and Family Involvement Survey. (Yes, we are almost finished with 2019. This is how the government works.)

The federal government likely underestimates the number of homeschooled students by a significant number. In some states, including very populous states like Florida, kids can meet their education requirements at home through virtual school programs, but these kids are considered enrolled in the public school system. Many kids who attend virtual school are only doing it for certain subjects (mother doesn’t like to teach math, etc.). But the statistics are still interesting to see.

Two notes: The homeschooling community is becoming more diverse as African-American and Hispanic families are choosing to homeschool. The political implications of this are huge. I have said many times that school choice is the dumbest hill Democrats choose to die on anymore.

Under “reasons for homeschooling,” far and away the most cited reason is concern about school environment. Contrary to stereotypes of homeschoolers, the desire to provide religious or moral instruction is not the top concern (though it is a high-ranking concern overall). Violence and bullying is the top concern. I personally have met a large number of families who decided to virtual school their child because the school failed to take meaningful steps to provide a safe and respectful environment for their child. This is even more true for families where a child has special needs.

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