A delightful podcast on homeschooling

I think everyone who homeschools either starts with or develops a homeschooling aesthetic. Mine is definitely a high church aesthetic, with an emphasis on languages, logic, and literature and a STEM twist (that is how our family’s bread is buttered, after all). I find that my easiest friends in homeschooling are going to be from Catholic, Lutheran, Jewish, and sometimes Evangelical backgrounds. These are the people who grok what I am trying to do with our daughter’s education. These are the people who do not think it is at all strange that you are teaching a young child Latin or Hebrew or reading philosophy.

I follow quite a few homeschooling blogs, among my favorites are All Things Bright and Beautiful, Angelic Scalliwags, and A Potluck Life.

I don’t do social media, but one of my favorite people to check in on is Bethany Mandel. Mandel and her husband are Jewish and started homeschooling primarily due to the cost of sending all their kids to a Jewish day school. (I imagine folks with more than one child who want to send their kids to parochial schools can relate. There are a lot of Catholic homeschoolers.)

Mandel has a regular podcast on Ricochet called Lady Brains, which is excellent. But this week, they decided to devote their episode to homeschooling – why they decided to homeschool, how they settled on a curriculum / homeschooling philosophy, and so on.

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