Tucker Carlson is dead wrong about Iran

As a political conservative, I have a love-hate relationship with Tucker Carlson. He can be funny, in an era where genuine humor is becoming increasingly important to maintaining your sanity. But watching someone make stupid puppy dog faces at serious policy issues gets old too. So does his crush on Tulsi Gabbard.

Tonight, Carlson decided to emote about how Trump’s apparently taking out a major military leader in Iran – a snake who is personally responsible for thousands of deaths in the region, including many American service members – is the start of a “new” war in the Middle East, despite Trump’s convictions regarding getting the US out of foreign wars.

Conflict with Iran is not a “new” development. It has been the only war we’ve actually been engaged in for two decades now. We’ve fought in half a dozen proxy wars with Iran that culminated in the Obama administration trying to outright bribe Iran to give it the fuck up already with billions of dollars and with the release of a litany of domestic terrorists, including individuals with expertise in the manufacture and trade of nuclear weapons technology. Billions of dollars that were likely recycled into terrorist initiatives.

Only someone who has been successfully gaslighted for decades now thinks these conflicts in the Middle East are unique and hopelessly complicated.

To use a gardening analogy here, our various foreign wars are like branches of the same vine, which continue to spiral out of control with every passing year, absolutely suffocating every living, productive force they come in contact with. Iran is the main branch that is rooted in the earth, which nurtures the entire system. Iran is the root evil.

Trump is the first president that has taken a whack at the main branch. And whether you like him or can’t stand him, you better pray he is a successful gardener.

No intellectually honest person is going to pretend this is a “new” conflict. Sanctions have crippled the regime in Iran, to the point where they are murdering thousands of their own people who protest the dying regime in the streets. Literally the worst thing we could do in the Middle East is start feeding the vine again.

I would also submit to you that these countries are not unrelated to the rise in anti-Semitism in the US, which has become a vile fact of life. The media loves to talk about Russian social media troll colonies, but Iran is one of their partners in crime, taking great care to radicalize American citizens online.

5 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson is dead wrong about Iran

  1. Actually, it has been 40 years, not two decades, but that would have been about the time you were born, I expect. The Carter Administration foolishly helped remove the Shah and facilitated the return of the Ayatollah Khomeini. This was followed by the occupation of the US Embassy in Tehran on Nov 4, 1979, and the taking of hostages, who would remain captives for 444 days. They were released when Regan took office. It has been “Death to America” ever since. This time the US did not back down.

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    1. Yeah, I actually thought about going back and correcting that line after I published it. I was only thinking about this iteration of regional wars, but you’re right, they never really stopped.


  2. “But watching someone make stupid puppy dog faces at serious policy issues gets old too.”

    Perfect. I too have tired of him, and seldom watch anymore.

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