Black voters are not liberal, and that’s a major problem for Democrats

There is not a single Democratic candidate for president who supports school choice. Yet a May 2019 poll by Education Next revealed that 70% of black Democrats support targeted vouchers, 60% universal vouchers, and 55% charter schools. Some of my favorite homeschooling blogs these days belong to black homeschooling mothers, who are some of the most aggressive education advocates out there. I have suggested on this blog many times that charter schools are the equivalent of this generation’s historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). School choice has become a major civil rights issue, not just an education issue.

If you are a black Democrat, you have an array of filthy rich white politicians – many of whom sent their children to elite private schools, costing tens of thousands of dollars a year in tuition – telling you that you are part of the problem for wanting to provide your child with the best education available. Elizabeth Warren wants to outright ban charter schools. One can only imagine what she thinks about homeschooling, but I bet she wants to ban it too.

There is not a single Democratic candidate with a strong position on the right to self-defense. If you are a black Democrat, you have an array of filthy rich white politicians telling you from behind the walls of their gated communities that you cannot be trusted to own a firearm. Instead, you should put your faith in cops to come into your neighborhood and protect you from harm.

There is not a single Democratic candidate with much faith in the earning power of minorities. If you are a black Democrat, you have an array of filthy rich white politicians telling you about all the nifty handouts you will receive if you vote for them. The idea that a black voter might not be interested in welfare but instead care about a building an economy with opportunities and honest social mobility is beyond them. Of course, most of those Democratic politicians have gotten rich from working in government. But don’t you dare ask them how! (Don’t ask them how they will pay for their spending bills either!)

And let’s not even get into views on the role of the church in civil society or importance of families and children. If you are a black Democrat, you hear a lot about how important it is for you to be able to abort your children. In fact, Bernie Sanders thinks abortion is your top concern when it comes to “family” planning. He loves to remind people about how (he thinks) black and brown women need abortion the most.

According to Pew Research Center, blacks are one of the biggest voting blocks being left behind as the Democratic Party debates flavors of socialism and other extreme perspectives:

White Democrats remain more likely than black or Hispanic Democrats to describe themselves as liberal. In 2019, a majority (55%) of white Democratic and Democratic-leaning registered voters identified themselves as liberal, an increase of 27 percentage points since 2000. Among white Democrats, 19% called themselves very liberal in 2019, compared with 6% in 2000.

By contrast, more black Democratic voters continue to characterize their views as moderate rather than liberal. In 2019, 43% of black Democrats called themselves moderate, 29% called themselves liberal and 25% called themselves conservative.

Since 2000, the share of black Democrats who describe their political views as liberal has changed little, while liberal identification among white Democrats has nearly doubled.

Among Hispanic Democratic voters, 38% described their political views as moderate in 2019, while 37% called themselves liberal and 22% conservative.

This is a big deal for the Democratic Party heading into the next election. Even a small change in black turnout makes it mathematically impossible for a Democrat to be elected president. That shift may have already taken place, as there are now many prominent black Republicans in politics and in conservative media.

Religion goes a long way to explain the gap in beliefs between white and black Democrats. From a Pew Research survey on religion in America from last year:

The religious profile of white Democrats is very different from the religious profile of racial and ethnic minorities within the Democratic Party. Today, fewer than half of white Democrats describe themselves as Christians, and just three-in-ten say they regularly attend religious services. More than four-in-ten white Democrats are religious “nones,” and fully seven-in-ten white Democrats say they attend religious services no more than a few times a year. Black and Hispanic Democrats are far more likely than white Democrats to describe themselves as Christians and to say they attend religious services regularly, though all three groups are becoming less Christian.

This poll’s methodology has some obvious problems (which I discussed in an earlier post), but the overall message is clear. As the far-left leaning Democratic Party has become broadly less hospitable to practicing Christians, it has also become less hospitable to racial minorities, their political priorities, and their values.

It’s pretty clear at this point that the only Democratic strategy on this front is to hope that black voters hate Trump as a personality more than they care about preserving their own culture (much like they like to fantasize about white evangelicals doing, which approximately never happens in reality). Poll numbers suggest that this is not enough, however. With the exception of Biden – who is an incredibly weak candidate on so many levels – every single Democratic candidate is radioactive with black voters.

This notion that black voters can remain active in a party that is being held captive by heretical white millennials in Portland and Los Angeles and Brooklyn, because they are adept at forming social media mobs, and their white Boomer pied pipers seems a bit much to fathom. They have basically nothing in common.

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