Lawfare and President Trump

Like most people in the United States right now, I have yawned my way through headlines about the ongoing impeachment circus. The pointlessness of this exercise is hard to escape. The Senate is not going to vote to remove Trump from office at all, let alone mere months before an election, so this entire episode is nothing but a colossal waste of taxpayers’ time and money. It’s January 22 and Democrats are still trying to milk a short phone call from last July because blah blah blah just like Watergate! All to protect the dumpster fire that is Joe Biden’s campaign, when he’s probably not even going to be the nominee because he’s Silver Alert material. The whole thing is absurd beyond words, and so are the people invested in it.

Beyond the direct cost, the opportunity cost of Democrats using Congress to re-litigate the 2016 election over and over and over and over and over again is outrageous. These people, and the mouth-breathers who elected them, have mostly paralyzed an entire branch of government for several years over jack shit.

Given our roaring economy, the impeachment circus has primarily made me think about all the things that could have been accomplished if Democrats had merely moved on and focused on finding areas of consensus, as our Founding Fathers intended the deliberative branch of government to do.

It’s somewhat shocking the magnitude of pure bullshit President Trump has had to deal with as the executive of this country. To say that any normal human being would have said fuck this and moved to the beach is an understatement.

According to Paul Nolette, associate professor of political science at Marquette University, President Trump’s administration has been sued by state attorney generals more times than any president since Ronald Reagan. As of August 2019, there were 88 lawsuits pending against Trump from these folks. (And I think more have been filed since then.)

But does that just mean the Trump administration is bad at working with states? Nope. Most of these lawsuits are coming from political actors in states loaded with political rivals. (In fact, some of these individuals have been political rivals of the Trump family for decades at the local level.) New York State has filed more than 50 lawsuits against Trump. California is close behind with 46. Maryland follows with 43, Massachusetts with 41, and Oregon, Washington, Vermont, Illinois, and Connecticut between 36 and 32 suits. (See link from Fortune above.)

So not only are extreme amounts of federal tax money being used to gum up the Trump administration with lawsuits, millions and millions of state taxpayer dollars are being used to do the same. This is money that isn’t being used to improve your kids’ schools. Or roads. Or to help the growing homeless populations in those states. It’s being tossed into a black hole of lawyers’ fees for literally no other reason than the people involved have microscopic manhoods.

This is on top of a multi-year long special counsel investigation, which found that no American “colluded” with the Russians in their nefarious scheme to flood Facebook and Twitter with *checks notes* memes, but that Paul Manafort, who worked for Trump for like a month, cheated the IRS. The investigation cost many, many times what the federal government could ever hope to recover from Mr. Manafort, and domestic terrorism was revived in the meantime. Such a stunning victory for truth and the American way.

Then we had a years-long inspector general investigation into the people investigating Trump, who discovered that the FBI was stuffed with lawfare- aficionados who went to the extent of breaking the law in trying to create a perpetual investigation on the campaign and later the presidency. They falsified and withheld evidence from the FISA court on numerous occasions to keep the sham going after their claims to probable cause dissolved weeks into their investigation. Even the top brass of the FBI were fired for perjury over leaks to the press, also intended to keep the lawfare going. Their political spats utterly consumed the agency, all the way up its hierarchy. And now we have a prosecutor appointed to investigate the investigators and their exhaustive levels of wrongdoing.

So Congress is obsessed with petty political investigations. A number of state attorneys general don’t even do anything to protect people in their own state anymore, because who cares about banks or the environment or child predators when there’s a personal obsession with Trump to feed like a cocaine addiction with an agency budget.

Then you have the dozens of independent political operatives that have sued Trump or tried to manufacture outrages du jour. Or the people he appoints to positions. Bogus rape claims, creepy porn lawyers taking over MSNBC and CNN. Spew and sue, spew and sue, spew and sue.

You have to be a madman to look at all of this and say, hey, these folks are good citizens. We should have people like this engaged in drafting important policy because they seem well-adjusted and knowledgeable. The fact that the Democratic Party has been taken over by people who think Venezuela has an ideal form of government goes to show you how much this high-dollar bratty behavior has metastasized anything resembling sanity.

At some point, an economist should attach a dollar figure to “the Resistance.” Where would the economy and financial markets be right now if Trump didn’t have to put up with this bullshit and could simply focus on governing the country? What is the total dollar amount spent on frivolous lawsuits? What about the cost of all the political staffers billing taxpayers for years on end of this? Legions of them. It’s obviously in the billions of dollars now. Your money, pissed down the drain, because Democrats are sore losers even four years down the line.

The funniest part of all of this is these folks think they are on the right side of history, as if later generations have ever admired people who file frivolous lawsuits. History is certainly going to remember them, but probably not as white knights saving democracy.

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