Premature babies provide a glimpse of the moral atrocity of abortion: My pro-life testimony

Since today is the March for Life, many people are talking about the event that converted them to a pro-life position or events that powerfully reinforced their pro-life values. As a Roman Catholic, I was always on the pro-life side of the fence, but I did not truly have an eternal perspective until I gave birth to our daughter two full months early. I described the events of her birth at length in an earlier post, Having a preemie will make you re-think the abortion “debate.” If you are confused about where you stand on this topic, please read our family’s story.

I had not shared many of the details of our daughter’s birth outside of our immediate family until I wrote that post. I felt compelled to write it after listening to Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg explain how he thought life began “when a baby took its first breath,” which he believes is a “biblical” definition. Of course, most Christians and followers of other wisdom traditions that have a well-developed understanding of the soul would disagree.

This is a picture of our daughter after she was born. This is what a baby looks like at the beginning of the third trimester, only outside of the womb rather than inside it. Eight states in our country would legally permit a child like this to be aborted. I have no idea how anyone thinks that is anything short of barbaric or psychopathic.

This child survived against the odds and will turn 8 years old this week. She is a prodigy that is obsessed with math and science. (She’s particularly obsessed with studying genetics right now.) I have no doubt that she will do magnificent things for our human race. We can’t imagine life without her.

That is a perfect, necessary little human growing in your womb. It’s not a clump of cells. It’s not a chore or an obstacle. It’s a life with dignity and purpose. Remember who you are and make good decisions.

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