A ride through Graham Swamp

We went on a bike ride through through the Graham Swamp Conservation Area when we broke for lunch today. I know it seems strange to say this about a swamp, but everything was so green!

Elise is very proud of her new bike. She’s finally tall enough to be able to ride a bike with gears. (Yes, she has a horn in the shape of a parrot. ) It had been very difficult for her to take a little kid bike on sandy trails.

We didn’t see any alligators today (although we’ve seen dozens on swamp outings before). We did see a lot of other wildlife though.

We had stopped for a drink of water when a gopher tortoise booked it across the trail. He walked straight between the wheels of our bicycles and back into the swamp. They are an endangered species, so I’m always happy when I see one.

And a bird feast.

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