PSA: This is not a place for trolls

This is my personal blog. I created this blog to keep up with family and friends because I can’t stand social media and I’m not on it. More specifically, I can’t stand the way social media makes people behave. Unfortunately, not everyone can leave that behavior on social media. Once trained to behave that way, like Pavlov’s dog, they carry those impulses with them everywhere they go.

On my personal blog, I share things that I love or find fascinating. I understand that not everyone in the world shares my opinions about what is worthy of love or fascination, especially about homeschooling/education and politics. And that is fine.

But if you do not want to interact with me or with my family and friends in a positive way, then you will not be allowed to comment here. I have the ability to moderate and even block comments, and I block people who behave like trolls right away.

A troll is someone who wants to engage strangers for the sole purpose of picking fights, especially pointless or petty fights. Someone who wants to drive by and shit on someone else’s social ecosystem for the giggles. Someone who derives pleasure from turning the Internet into a hellhole.

If the above paragraph describes you, don’t waste your time submitting a comment to my site. It will be trashed. You will be blocked. Do yourself a favor and go set up a Twitter account. You will find 70 million people there with similar garbage to broadcast to the world. Some of them are even celebrities, and if you are superlative at broadcasting garbage, they might even retweet you. There is a place for you in this world, but it is not here.

To the normals, thanks for reading.

7 thoughts on “PSA: This is not a place for trolls

    1. I’ve had some prominent conservative news sites link to stuff I posted in the past, and that seems to have attracted both some brilliant and insightful people and the trolls that try to harass folks on those sites. It’s so weird that anyone chooses to live that way. Miss you! Hope you are doing well!


  1. I am doing very well. I am about to move to Arizona in April with my Boyfriend. His kiddos are based there. I am looking forward to this new adventure. Never lived any where but Colorado.

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    1. AWESOME. I’m so happy for you. I think you will love Arizona. My family lived out in the desert in Southern California for a year (not too far away from Arizona, actually) and the desert is very beautiful in its own way. I loved desert thunderstorms so much; they would light up the entire sky.

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  2. Good for you for saying that! More people need to do that too. People on social media just think they can say whatever comes to their minds and that it won’t hurt anyone. You know I have certainly had my struggles with the same thing. I would much rather connect only to those who will respect me that to be popular and liked by everyone.

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  3. Hot damn you’ve arrived. I haven’t gotten one nasty comment yet and I feel kinda cheated. I mean I’ve been doing this crap for 2 years you’d think I would have to block someone by now. HA! But in all honesty, glad I found your blog. I like your take on politics and home schooling and glad you read mine as well. Keep plugging along and haters beware.

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