Insane news coming out of China

China Coronavirus Cases Surge Almost 15,000 After Data Revision

The Chinese government is reporting a tenfold increase in the number of coronavirus cases in Hubei province alone today. They say this is due to a data revision that includes people whose diagnosis was clinically confirmed (as opposed to confirmed by the traditional nucleic acid test, given that there have not been nearly enough test kits to go around). Most sane people have assumed that the real number of infected people was significantly worse than the government was letting on. Governments don’t start blockading and quarantining cities larger than New York City over a small outbreak.

See also Top CDC official says US should prepare for coronavirus ‘to take a foothold’

And in case you missed it, the Chinese government was behind the massive Equifax hack a couple years ago. (But please, carry on some more about Russia Russia Russia.)

2 thoughts on “Insane news coming out of China

  1. I always say there is always something more behind all these big events that the news scares the public with. I know it’s a serious thing but at the same time what else is going on that they don’t want us to focus on. Maybe I am a little bit Conspiracy Theorist….LOL.

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    1. I think the mainstream media is mostly worthless. They are so obsessed with gotcha garbage involving Trump, they rarely ever report on anything significant anymore. I don’t think it’s a grand conspiracy, they are just dumb, emotional children.

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