The coronavirus crash is bullshit

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but:

  • This is America
  • Donald Trump is president
  • The borders will be closed if they need to be
  • Factories will be cranking out masks and Purell if they need to be
  • China will fall flat off the face of the goddamn Earth if we need them to
  • You will be fine
  • Your kids will be fine
  • American corporations will be fine
  • We aren’t globalists anymore
  • This is a buying opportunity

7 thoughts on “The coronavirus crash is bullshit

  1. This is sooo a buying opportunity and I was wait for this. But alas, I have to wait to buy because I am selling my home and moving so gotta save what I can for the moment. Darn. I’ll find some money.

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  2. Can you txt me when you get a chance as I have some telescope questions and your the best person to answer them
    859-868-9928 thanks sorry for crashing g this post

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