How stupid are Democrats in this election cycle? This stupid.

From Elizabeth Warren:

Right, because ENFORCEABLE BORDERS are the problem in a pandemic situation. Good Lord.

Democrats lately love to cite that Trump proposed cutting funds to the bureaucrats at the Center for Disease Control. In reality, the CDC has deep funds to support combating exactly this situation, which they are already tapping.

Federal agencies sit on billions of dollars, and they do not always fund essential government services. The idea that cutting spending at any given time for any given purpose represents an “existential crisis,” to use the phrase that Democrats use to describe literally anything they disagree with, is bonkers.

The biggest threat the US faces right now is border control – keeping infected and potentially infected people from interacting with the general population. The states with the largest infected populations are those with the least concern for border control. That’s not an accident and this is not rocket science. This is a virus that lives for a very long time on surfaces and inside infected people for a very long time, even after they seem cured. The only way to keep it from infecting the general population is effective quarantines.

Bracketing off the hilarity of the fake Native American calling anyone else on the planet racist, border control is the smartest policy happening right now. Ask all the Europeans who are suddenly worried about Italians roaming anywhere they please and the Vatican calling off services.

If this is not proof that Democrats are so deranged that they would rather see their friends and family die than agree with Trump, I don’t know what is.

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