Seeing through the panic: How the US fights epidemics

I’m gradually reaching the level of fatigue where the news will become utterly unwatchable. We were watching the news this morning with our coffee and pastries (Portuguese bakeries are one of the biggest perks of moving to Florida) and the commercials were – I kid you not – for prepper companies selling military-style food pouches.

Meanwhile, the news is covering the case of a high school student in Washington state who tested positive for the virus. The clinic sent him home and he won’t be going back to school for a while. His school is being sanitized… You know, exactly the same thing schools in developed countries do during flu season anyway. Another US citizen quarantined for what is likely a false positive test for coronavirus was advising people not to trust the numbers of people infected. He explained he has to be tested twice more to confirm he never had the virus in the first case.

Imagine if the media covered the flu each year the way they are covering the coronavirus. BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: We have a confirmed case of the flu in the town of Cracker Swamp, Florida. No word yet on quarantines, but we will alert you once we get in touch with the CDC. We are urging you to avoid travel to Cracker Swamp until this situation is resolved. This segment was brought to you by Preppers, Inc. and their new garage water treatment systems.

But on the assumption that the illness could get very bad (which would be unusual in warmer temperatures, but let’s go with it):

I would also like to point out that I mentioned government-sponsored manufacturing under emergency situations in an earlier post. This is not even a situation without precedent in our country, to anyone who has studied the Civil War or World Wars. Trump has a three-trillion dollar budget to play with, he can manage.

The coronavirus is not going to cripple the US economy. In fact, it might prove to be some bizarre stimulus, as the federal government is spending more money to prepare for an outbreak and international corporations have gotten a supply chain reality check that maybe stability is worth bringing their infrastructure back home. I guess we will see.

All I can say is, don’t discount the advantages of living in the richest, most technologically developed country on the planet with a president that is prepared to treat the coronavirus the same way he treated ISIS if he needs to.

I’m going to laugh my ass off if the Federal Reserve intervenes in the panic and all the un-American idiots shorting stocks get hosed (as they should).

3 thoughts on “Seeing through the panic: How the US fights epidemics

  1. I am with you. I grew up watching the news, and have done so all my life, but now it is NOT really news anymore. It is COMPLETELY left-wing bias on how HORRIBLE President Trump is and how horrible, racist and dumb all of his supporters are. It’s all become a just a big, sad joke at Conservative Americans expense.

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