A thought about our soldiers

One of the most depressing things about the manufactured coronavirus hysteria is that the United States is finally, officially no longer fighting a war in Afghanistan and the chattering class doesn’t care. The longest war in United States history is over, and the media really didn’t even cover it or offer any reflection.

Imagine being the wife, child, or relative of someone who died in Afghanistan. Imagine being a physically or psychologically wounded veteran. The war you made such tremendous sacrifices over has been brought to a conclusion, and you look around and see a collective shrug. People are too busy trying to politicize and sensationalize a virus that the US is well-prepared to address.

For some of these people, they don’t want to give Trump credit for ending a war that George W. Bush mistakenly declared over and that Obama relentlessly campaigned on but failed to end. But many others simply don’t care about it. They haven’t made any personal sacrifices themselves (even the cost of the war will be passed on to their children through the magic of Treasury bonds), so it isn’t even real to them.

My own father is a veteran of an unpopular modern war, and I make it a point to stop and thank every veteran and serviceman I see on the street or out shopping. Please do the same. Because that’s not the message they see on the television or in newspapers.

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