Democratic voters did not “reject” socialism

It would be unwise to look at Biden sweeping Super Tuesday and interpret it to mean that Democratic voters have “rejected socialism,” as I have seen many in chattering class do. They simply loathe Bernie and his supporters, so they see what they want to see.

The main difference between the moderate and the progressive wings of the Democratic Party going into Super Tuesday was the moderates decided pragmatically to consolidate behind a single candidate. Establishment Democrats are people who eat, sleep, and breathe machine politics. They are political nihilists, not ideologues. They are less committed to any specific personality than strategies for maintaining power. This is evident in the fact that they are uniting behind a man with highly visible, advanced dementia that may not even be able to finish out his term. (Biden would be turning 82 in the White House, after all. So imagine the level of cognitive deterioration we have yet to observe with this guy.) And their obedient base will vote for literally anyone the machine offers up, no matter how absurd or morally detestable.

Their next step is going to be to pick a running mate for Biden who will attract a lot of attention in their own right in an attempt to distract uncommitted voters from the fact that grandpa is not mentally present and shouldn’t be allowed to sign papers for a reverse mortgage let alone manage the free world. Among possible running mates guaranteed to steal the spotlight from Biden’s nonsensical ramblings, I would guess Hillary Clinton would probably be a top pick. That someone like her could become president in this manner is practically straight out of a screenplay. But we’ll see.

Progressives did not consolidate behind Bernie going into Super Tuesday and it has likely cost them the nomination. Elizabeth Warren spoiled races for Bernie clear across the map. That’s what the data shows, not voters “rejecting” socialism. Arguably, the majority of voters in most of these states wanted a more progressive candidate. And Warren is such a gross opportunist that when she does drop out, she’ll probably turn around and endorse Biden instead of Bernie (much like she ultimately endorsed Clinton in the last cycle). She’s a machine politician in her own right, and just cribbed Bernie’s policy positions because she assumed (correctly) that the Democratic Party was moving ever more to the left.

Nevermind independents – who likely won’t embrace Biden anyway, now that the pointless impeachment hearings made the Biden family name synonymous with corruption – I am not at all confident that Biden will be able to persuade legitimately progressive millennials (who are the biggest demographic on the left now by the numbers) to vote for him. Establishment Democrats have made a huge bet that hating Trump is the only thing that matters to younger generations. That younger generations are power-driven nihilists like they are, that they will put their gang colors over any expectations about the actual business of government. I may be wrong, but I have a difficult time seeing 20-year-olds getting behind Biden, overlooking the fact that the party replaced their ideologue who wanted to write off their student loans with someone who can’t remember the opening lines of the Declaration of Independence, makes up stories about getting arrested in South Africa, randomly starts talking about the hair on his legs, and confuses his wife and his sister.

I just don’t see a scenario where Baby Boomers and progressive millennials become united politically. You can almost sum up the millennial political worldview with the observation that Baby Boomers control the majority of the wealth in the country, which they intend to hold until they croak, and millennials control 3%. Many millennials are heading into middle age with negative net worth, and they are not feeling okay with that. Now they are supposed to roll over and agree that a senile old man with no particular vision for America, who has been in Washington for almost five decades, is entitled to their support for no other reason than the machine chose him? I don’t know, perhaps their cynicism will surprise me, but as of right now, I see a nasty race brewing.

One thought on “Democratic voters did not “reject” socialism

  1. We live in scary, scary times. I NEVER ever thought we Socialism could ever happen here in the Land of the Free and the Brave, but it is becoming more and more of a reality everyday. All I can say is Trump had better win. If Bernie wins, Larry and I are packing our bags so quickly and will be on the next flight out to ANYWHERE that is NOT Socialist. Though, that place too is becoming harder and harder to find.

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