With friends like these… Biden’s campaign is elder abuse

Many people are saying it, and it’s true: The Biden campaign is elder abuse at this point. The guy is visibly senile and should be in a long-term care facility. The morally sick grifters in the Democratic establishment who are dragging this guy around the nation are doing a swell job of demonstrating why they should be kept as far away from power as possible.

This weekend, Biden managed to forget his own name at an event where he was only put on stage for a grand total of seven minutes. He called himself an “Obiden Bama” Democrat – and the crowd roared at that, because who doesn’t love a politician who is so senile he stumbles over his own name? This isn’t a first for Biden either. At two recent events, he forgot President Obama’s name, stumbling over it and then finally giving up and saying, “You know, my boss.” He confused his wife and his sister. This is a man who will turn 78 before he hypothetically would be inaugurated, and would leave the White House in his early 80s.

He then goes on to say this:

That video is already viral.

The Associated Press and other media outlets glossed over his performance, simply saying that he’s confident in his chances of winning. They are like little children playing peekaboo, who think they are hidden if they simply cover their own eyes. They even suggest that Biden is the candidate Trump is “most scared” of running against. The media (and, by extension, their establishment Democrat overlords) seem to think the entire election is going to be Trump bringing up the Biden family’s obvious corruption, allowing them to re-litigate the dumbest and most pointless impeachment proceedings ever (which is saying a lot, considering the one before it involved an intern sitting on a cigar).

Watching this stuff, you have to wonder what is going through the heads of people who actually support Biden. I get that the Democratic machine looks at Biden and sees someone they can manipulate, maybe even use as a vehicle to move someone who could not otherwise be elected into the presidency. But what’s going through the heads of the people at these campaign stops?

I saw one Biden supporter defend Biden by saying that he has a serious problem with stuttering, and that is was “ableist” to suggest it should prevent him from holding office. Biden was not “stuttering” when he remembered meeting the survivors of the Parkland massacre when he was in the White House (the event happened years after he was Vice President). He was not stuttering when he remembered being arrested in South Africa trying to meet Nelson Mandela. You can cite about fifty examples of this from recent speeches and interviews alone.

These videos aren’t just circulating among conservatives. Here’s a super cut of Biden’s dementia put together by a member of the Democratic Socialists. Watch it and then ponder whether millennials and zoomers will sit out the 2020 general election if a guy who probably has Alzheimer’s is the nominee. It currently has over a million views.

Here’s another from the same guy. It starts off with a clip of what Biden looked like debating Paul Ryan and then shows clips from Biden at recent campaign events.

Trump has quite seriously driven the Democratic Party insane. Watching what they are doing to Biden is sad though. This is taking exploiting the elderly to an entirely new level.

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