South Korea’s testing regime illustrates why coronavirus doomsayers are idiots

As cable news addicts in the United States are stockpiling toilet paper, the epidemic in China is clearly past its worst. The Chinese government is suspending use of its makeshift hospitals and airports have been instructed to prepare to resume flights.

Fear-mongering journalists and left-wing politicos who are giddy about the coronavirus panic wiping out a large fraction of stock market gains under Trump have been breathlessly carrying on about the “lack of testing” for the virus and how the virus is obviously so much worse than headlines and exponential growth means we’re all going to die. I pointed out in an earlier post that these people are innumerate idiots, and that MORE TESTING would likely REDUCE the death rate, not increase it. This isn’t surprising – the same people think Bloomberg could have given each American $1 million for the half-billion he dropped on his primary bid. The media and political establishment in America are so fundamentally untrustworthy, it’s insane.

Well, South Korea did exactly that and proved me right. They’ve tested hundreds of thousands of people, for a revised death rate of 0.6%. We’ve been trying to say this freak out is nothing compared to the people who die annually from other illnesses. And it’s true. These people have tried to crater the US economy over this. Let that sink in. This is seriously antisocial behavior and Americans should really stop and think about that.

This whole episode is quite a lesson in the madness of crowds and how that madness can be amplified ad nauseam by traditional and social media.

One thought on “South Korea’s testing regime illustrates why coronavirus doomsayers are idiots

  1. Sadly, the group think mentality has taken over. Most people are blindly lead like sheep unfortunately. Everyday makes me more and more skeptical about people in general and about our future. All I can say is God help us.

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