The Biden videos are now an outrage du jour and it’s hilarious

So the Biden video that was shared by the Trump campaign (and later retweeted by the president himself) has sparked quite the outrage among blue checkmarks since this morning, and it is hilarious.

Many people have been referring to this clip of the appearance from CSPAN. You can watch the whole thing here. For Biden’s speech, as it is shown here, he is not his usual stumbling mess because he is reading from a teleprompter. You can see the teleprompters when they zoom the camera out.

The video the Trump campaign shared was apparently a troll move (Biden forgetting his own name was not), where they lopped off the end of his remarks to make it sound like he was defeatist about the Democrats’ chances overall, when he was referring to the primary as a “circular firing squad” (which it is). Biden’s wife clearly appreciated how his words would be used, judging by her grimace in the background.

This is the same thing Democrats did to Trump with his “very fine people” remark in Charlottesville, Virginia. Democrats edited his remarks to make it sound like President Trump was saying white supremacists were good people, when he was in fact saying the dead opposite in his remarks. The media played the edited video in rotation and circulated it far and wide on social media. I know some Democrats who still believe the edited video was the truth, as it fits with their nutso narrative that a man with a Jewish daughter and Jewish grandchildren, who defends Israel against others in the region, who was the first sitting president to visit the Western Wall, is secretly a neo-Nazi.

Other people may get into troll jobs like this, but I think it’s not a swell strategy overall. There are endless videos of Biden’s legitimately crazy remarks to use that point to the very real problem of his cognitive decline. Comparing those to zombie Biden reading off a teleprompter would be very useful.

Now the media is going to frame this event as “talking about Biden’s dementia is a dangerous right-wing conspiracy that we have already debunked.” Much the same as Biden’s corruption has been “debunked” by the media, even though every American with a brain understands Hunter Biden was not managing money – something he had zero education or experience in – in countries where he couldn’t even speak the language, while banging strippers and spacing out on cocaine because he was so talented. (He’s now renting a $12,000 a month house in Los Angeles with his Instagram model wife, pretending to be an artist. He flings colored ink in splotches all day.)

And knowing Democrats, they will probably suggest that Russians made the trolltastic video. Because Bloomberg couldn’t win a primary spending over half a billion dollars, but Russians can sway a general election with a couple hundred thousand dollars of illiterate Facebook ads.

I don’t think any of this works on people, but the predictability of the back-and-forth is exhausting.

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