Biden evidently can’t find voters he doesn’t want to punch

One aspect of primaries that I find hilarious is how they often reward behavior that might play well with the most devoted partisans but will likely destroy a candidate’s chances in a general election. This happens because only the most devoted partisans participate in primary elections, and winning with them seems like winning overall. And social media plays a role in the insanity too, as candidates on the left in particular can’t get it through their heads that they are not running for president of Twitter (which isn’t even one of the most popular social media platforms in this country, and if Trump ever gives up his account it won’t have any traffic at all).

We saw this in the 2016 cycle, where Hillary never stopped trying to run for president of identity politics trolls. She thought she was going to win a popularity contest by insulting voters, and now Joe Biden is doing the same thing. It’s kind of remarkable that this has to be said, but the entire point of an election is to get as many people as possible to like you, preferably people in battleground states.

In fact, Biden has now challenged two voters – one a kindly old man in his 80s and another a Detroit auto worker – to physical fights. I am beginning to wonder if Biden can actually make it through the next several months without punching a potential voter, and I sort of wonder how that would even work with law enforcement. (Does the Secret Service have a legal duty to prevent a candidate from physically assaulting a voter?) Biden loves getting physical with people in general, whether that means wrapping his arms around the waists of little girls, sniffing their hair, or getting up in someone’s face and poking his finger at their nose as he rains incoherent insults.

It takes remarkably little to get Biden to behave this way toward voters either. A shy co-ed at Mercer University in Georgia meekly asked him what turned out to be a tough question and he called her a “lying dog-faced pony soldier.” A voter at a town hall asked him about his age and Biden called him fat and challenged him to a push-up contest.

Even with otherwise groveling journalists, Biden gets up in their faces and starts yammering “why why why why why why” aggressively.

The media and folks on the left are now trying to encourage him to keep this up, saying that for anyone to succeed against Trump, they have to “fight back.” Except Trump assigning derogatory nicknames to celebrities and fellow politicians is not the same as going off on voters. Trump doesn’t go around telling voters that they are “full of shit,” he goes around telling them that he’s fighting powerful people on their behalf. He’s telling establishment parasites who enrich themselves while creating a dysfunctional government that ignores essential services and generates endless manufactured crises everything that voters themselves want to tell politicians. In case you missed it, Congress and the mainstream media do not exactly have high approval ratings. Most normals are pretty fond of people making an honest living through hard work, however. This is not a subtle difference, but it is lost of most of the mouth-breathers on Twitter, who inexplicably manage to stay gainfully employed while spewing hate at strangers on the Internet all day long. These people are not America.

Biden won primaries across the South and that has now propelled him into front-runner status. Not a single one of those states will go to Biden in the general election, however. (Biden’s coronation took place after winning a state that will probably be Trump +30 in the general election, in fact.) That is probably very true for the Rust Belt now that Biden is apparently running on gun reform with a Marxist skateboarder as his spokesman. And that’s probably true for Florida too, a state with two million concealed carry permit holders. (They aren’t all rednecks, either. Many are people of color and many are women, and they aren’t packing shotguns and hunting rifles in their purses.)

I still believe Trump has already zeroed in on Biden’s main weakness, which is that he is old and quite visibly senile. (What the heck is a “dog-faced pony soldier,” anyway? Seriously, could you sound more like an old man shouting at a cloud?) Biden is running so he can be the first president in his 80s. That’s insane on its face, and you’d have to be deluded to think that’s not going to be a problem with people who are not the most loyal partisans and do not blindly trust a political party to manage the country through surrogates.

But every time Biden insults a voter because he absolutely cannot stand someone with a contrary opinion, he doesn’t look like a “fighter.” He looks like a colossal dick who doesn’t care about ordinary Americans. That’s how Hillary Clinton looked, and she failed miserably to build a geographic consensus that she’d be a good leader. She won the states with the highest concentrations of Twitter trolls, because that’s who she campaigned to.

7 thoughts on “Biden evidently can’t find voters he doesn’t want to punch

  1. It was reported that turnout was higher in the Republican party than the Democrat. That says a lot, too.

    Excessive aggression is also characteristic of dementia onset. Biden’s insults are Tourette’s like explosions. And at the very least, he does not seem to have basic control over his emotions. This may be the result of too much privilege throughout his life. It’s incredible to me that they are running him at all. They seem to think that reality doesn’t matter in the least and that all they need is a symbol of an old Democrat party which dissolved long ago. Probably with the death of Daniel Patrick Moynihan in the early naughts.

    Perhaps the powers that be are expecting to spring a surprise deus ex machina on us during the convention.

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    1. Maybe it is related to his being so old and general cognitive decline, but Hillary behaved much the same way.

      I think I would attribute a lot of this behavior to Democrats being the Party of Twitter. I was just commenting the other day about how swaths of people don’t even try to be persuasive anymore, but go straight to saying nasty, belligerent things – talking to people in real life the way they talk to people when they are on social media. They’ve just become a very nasty and annoying and sometimes outright violent lot.

      Both Hillary and Biden – and many of the advisers and personalities working on their campaign – had this sort of attitude that if you don’t agree with me, you can STFU and we’ll just steamroll over you with our agenda. It’s not a good way to run an election, but it’s what they do now. They’ll probably keep doing it all through November and then blame Putin for the fact that they are simply miserable people to be around.


  2. I think the only reason why Biden is surging in the polls is because he has had a major life support thrown to him by the Democratic party. They know they are in trouble either way and are desperate. Do they support someone who is mentally unfit or a Socialist? Either way, they are screwed and they know it.

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    1. I watched an interview with a black Democratic voter who said he was voting for Biden in the Democratic primary to spoil the election for Bernie (he’s terrified of socialism taking hold in the country ideologically) but that he fully intends to vote for Trump in the general election because he wants a candidate that is focused on economic prosperity. It made me wonder how much that was happening in the primary, especially in states that allow crossover voters (like Idaho, which went overwhelmingly for Bernie in 2016 but now went to Biden). Trump’s campaign says about a quarter of their rally participants are registered Democrats.

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      1. My general observation about all of this is that there will be a vacuum on the left for a candidate that appeals to younger voters but isn’t going full Marxist or gender theory. This is the 1960s’ last stand.


  3. Well I did that. because I am registered as an Independent, my husband strongly urged me to vote for a Democrat who had no chance just to throw off the primaries, even though President Trump has always had my full support, and will again.

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