The incredible generation gap in politics

I like this new narrative that Democrats have going post-primary that the support of young people doesn’t matter to a candidate because young people never show up to vote anyway. It’s like that time that Obama won the presidency thanks mostly to the support of [checks notes] senior citizens.

It is not a “good sign” that young people – the largest demographic in the Democratic Party, quantitatively, much larger than Baby Boomers – are sitting out the primary because the primary has come down to a Marxist and an old man with dementia.

Of the ones that did vote, the generation gap is astounding. Support for Biden among younger voters (defined as anyone under 40) is not low, it’s virtually non-existent.

The Democratic Party is running Biden on a theme of nostalgia for the Obama era, which is great if you are talking to Baby Boomer liberals whose wealth has recovered from the financial crisis. (That’s even after the manufactured coronavirus puke. As I have mentioned before, the stock market rallied so much under Trump that even a 2008-scale event would leave investors better off than they were before Trump. And unlike true fiscal conservatives, Trump is quite likely to crank out stimulus programs with even a modest downturn.)

The thing is, the Obama era may have seemed “just like West Wing” to Boomer liberals, but the lost decade financially after the 2008 crisis destroyed the hopes and dreams of kids who were in college and high school then. They aren’t so nostalgic for the Obama era that they want to get out and vote for a man in Depends who goes around calling people “pony soldiers” and talking about “malarkey” just to bring that fabled era back. That era sucked for them and they continue to be legitimately worried about their future.

Biden supporters don’t care that Biden doesn’t have a credible plan for health care because many of them are on Medicare or are headed in that direction. They personally already have socialized medicine and pay next to nothing for health care, so life is swell for them. They don’t care that those programs will likely be insolvent by the time other generations age or about student debt or about heading into middle age with a negative net worth.

These aren’t Boomer liberals’ problems. Their problems are that politicians don’t speak eloquently when screwing taxpayers over anymore. (It’s hard to see how they would recover that with Biden, at any rate, but I guess that shows how desperate they are.)

If Trump were smart, he’d come up with a policy mechanism for bringing at least some portion of Bernie supporters into his tent. It’s not essential for him to do so, because it looks like they are otherwise going to sit out the election. But this is a demographic Biden has probably zero chance of getting to the polls. They just want people like Biden to go away already.

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