Tucker Carlson and his army need to go away already

The fear-mongering Tucker Carlson wing of the Republican Party is doing a full-court press trying to shame people out of going out and doing normal things (i.e. stuff that supports their communities and local economies) instead of staying in and watching brainless documentaries about how dogs got their shapes on Netflix. This is the dumbest goddamn thing that crowd has ever done.

I mean, it’s cute that Republicans think they have activated the slacktivist wing of the party, who are going to save the world with Netflix listicles and “homeschooling” tips. (FYI, as an actual homeschooler, I would like to say that your child doing Common Core online does not make you a homeschooler. You become a homeschooler when you start taking full responsibility for what your child is learning. I am glad that some people have stopped knocking homeschooling though.) But get real.

I was very optimistic about how Trump has managed the crisis – closing borders early, pressuring the powers that be into supporting liquidity in the financial markets, advocating for small businesses. But he makes some of the absolute worst decisions when he surrounds himself with yes men.

He’ll be up a creek politically if adopting the quarantine mentality of China and Italy (which worked abysmally) tanks our economy like it’s going to tank theirs. The Kung Flu was never going to turn the US into the Walking Dead landscape that the idiots on cable news are describing. These are the same people who complain in one breath that the US is testing no one but believe that the government has secret knowledge of the extent of the epidemic in another. They also have a lifetime supply of toilet paper and spent $50 on Clorox wipes.

Telling Americans to be shut-ins and stop spending money until government bureaucrats stop loving attention and pumping out innumerate graphs is a really, really, really bad idea. In fact, that pretty much sums up all of Europe’s economic troubles for about 40 years now. At the end of the day, this pandemic is going to be fairly tame relative to other seasonal illnesses but have cost a trillion dollars. The whole thing is idiotic.

If that Walking Dead scenario never occurs and ordinary Americans start getting pink slips for a totally manufactured downturn, Trump very well might be a one-term president. That’s a scary vision, too, considering the fact that his competition on the left is so senile he might accidentally wander into traffic if his handlers leave him alone for 30 seconds.

Ask Tucker Carlson how World War III is going.

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