Coronavirus fear-mongering is creating problems for hospitals

I was chatting with a friend this morning who is an executive at a local hospital. He says people have started showing up at the hospital wanting to be tested for the coronavirus.

It made me think about what a chore medical chatter in our country is on a normal day – with people surfing sites like WebMD convincing themselves that they have meningitis because their neck is sore. Now you add this, where hypochondriacs being radicalized hourly by cable news hysteria start flooding emergency rooms and crowding out people who actually need medical care. The panic is truly worse than the virus.

In other news, we set an alarm this morning to go to Publix exactly when the store opened to get routine groceries and try to avoid the lines of idiotic preppers who just won’t stop. The preppers had already packed the parking lot when the store opened at 7 am and paper products were gone by 7:04.

These people are freaking insane. Literally. They have become mentally ill.

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