A note (apology?) on the frequency of my posts

I know I have a lot of people following me on this platform and via email subscriptions now that don’t know me personally. I understand that many of you started following me because of gardening, homeschooling, and nature chat. I swear I will get back to that at some point. (Our eaglets are doing great, by the way.)

My professional background is in finance and economics, however, and I am getting pinged non-stop with messages from friends and family who work in finance or generally want to know if we are screwed as a country. Given that and my compulsive personality on all things, it is highly unlikely that I am going to lay off the finance and economics talk and some of my future posts might get insufferably wonky.

I am very sorry if that annoys anyone. I fully understand the need to “prune” your thoughts and stay positive. As I have noted in previous posts, that’s how I try to live my life too. But what we are going through in the markets right now is unlike anything I have ever experienced, even during the financial crisis, and working out the details with my pals in finance is how I process my thoughts and concerns.

16 thoughts on “A note (apology?) on the frequency of my posts

  1. NO NEED to apologize. It is YOUR blog, and that gives you the freedom to say what you like, post as often as you like, and rant as much as you like. NO ONE should tell you differently. If they don’t like your posts, they don’t have to read them. Stay true to yourself and don’t worry about the others. 🙂

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    1. Yeah, I was flipping through all my posts prompted by questions off of this platform, and I was thinking, man, I am spamming the heck out of people who have no interest in finance, lol.

      I don’t do social media, so this is more or less how I communicate with people I know outside of texts and emails. It started as a way to share kid pictures after killing my FB account a year ago. Now, I’m not sure what to do about it, because I’ve started to chat it up here like I used to use social media. I need some discipline, lol.

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      1. Don’t be so hard on yourself. I am on FB, but I am on it mainly for my blog. I have been in trouble a few times with FB because I speak my mind, so I don’t post too much anymore. I am losing friends right and left on FB for the same reason. But you know what, I truly don’t care. If someone is going to unfriend me because of my honesty or my opinions, I don’t need them. I do emails, obviously, but other than that, NOPE! My email is ljbjej@q.com. Feel free to contact me anytime. I will give you my phone number on email. We have to stick together and support on another. You and I my, my friend, are a dying breed. Hang in there. 🙂

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  2. Keep it up. I am enjoying every one and it is giving me some ammo on Facebook to fire at some of my friends who are not comprehending what is going on. Going to help otr my favorite barbecue joint here tomorrow. Have some family coming over for lunch at our house and making a big party pack purchase of pork, buns, potato salad, and beans. Going to use my mobile apps and place a few pick-up or drive-through orders while this is going on to help some of my favorite places make it through this. Also have some small businesses doing a few outdoor jobs on my new house in the next couple of weeks, as long as they don’t cancel on me.

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  3. I’ve been extremely busy with moving, and I’ve been three evenings trying to work through the backlog of notifications about your posts. But I can’t skip looking at them. Your insights are too valuable.

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