Blue states suddenly love plastic

We were talking last night about how amazing the physical waste associated with the new “every restaurant is a take-out restaurant” policy that is going into place will be. That’s assuming anyone continues to patronize restaurants in meaningful numbers over the next month, of course, and that’s an open question.

The lion’s share of states that have adopted this policy (so far, anyway) are states that skew to the left politically. The exception is Ohio, which was the first state to close schools (and now is likely wiping out the rest of the school year – enjoy your lost semester, kids) as well as other facilities.

These are states that only last year were banning the use of plastic straws and plastic shopping bags. Now you have millions of people who will have no choice but to re-embrace single-use plastics and Styrofoam, and not in a minor way. It’s hard to freak out about germs and then hand the sales clerk your reusable cloth shopping bag.

It’s fascinating to see the stocks of major plastic-producing companies that are green today too when the rest of the financial markets are a bloodbath. Plastic is derived from fossil fuels, which are commodities that have plummeted lately, thus theoretically reducing production costs all around.

Wish I had thought that play through last night.

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