Closing down the stock market is not a solution

Stocks are collapsing because of real, profound economic destruction. The entire meaning of a stock is that you own a share of the future earnings of a corporation. When governments take deliberate action that destroys corporate earnings, stopping trading is not going to make it better. It’s just postponing the crash.

The only thing that is going to help is (1) reversing batshit insane panic-driven policy responses so people can get back to work; (2) telling the American public to get a fucking grip, log off of social media, and turn off cable news; (3) get money, lots of money, into the hands of the American households.

The powers that be better hope that this virus does in fact turn into The Walking Dead scenario that they have recklessly played it up to be. Because if they nuked the economy over their thirty-billionth fake Armageddon, the political structure of this country and the genius of our constitution might not be enough to process the weapons-grade hate the American people will appropriately have for their institutions.

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