Obama-connected PACs trying to exploit coronavirus panic

According to the Washington Post, the Obama-connected political action committee Pacronym, run by Obama top-dog David Plouffe – literally the same exact people whose self-enriching procurement practices bungled the Iowa caucuses – are planning to drop $5 million on advertising to attack President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus.

Talk about fiddling while Rome burns.

The coronavirus panic is well into the process of turning the United States into a third-world country. That’s not Trump’s fault. It is the fault of state and local governments who pushed to end all commerce over an illness that will probably kill fewer people than rabies when all is said and done. Granted, Trump should be showing leadership at this moment and trying to intervene in the disastrous policies of state and local governments, but he’s constitutionally limited in his ability to do that. He should at the very least be using his bully pulpit to tell governors to restore commerce immediately or we are toast. He’s getting to the point where no stimulus package, no matter how much money they print, is going to help save our economy.

This is a horrific event for millions of people. And the modern Democratic Party is so fucking evil and greedy all they see is an opportunity to return to power.

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