Governor DeSantis now considering imprisoning people who test positive

Maybe only a week ago, I thought, like many other conservative Floridians, that Governor Ron DeSantis would be presidential material. Oh, man, was I wrong. Being in this state now is like living with some mentally ill dictator. There is no way in hell I would vote for this guy. Not to be re-elected as governor, and sure as hell not as president. His political career is toast in my book.

As a good conservative, DeSantis has now destroyed hundreds of thousands of small business owners across the state. For 700 coronavirus cases, most of which are mild to non-noticeable. He nuked an economy that supports over 20 million people.

I think this will probably be a long-term downside to the Florida economy, too, given that the state is almost completely dependent on tourism. You know how much urban, suburban, and beach-town blight is going to come from having all these little restaurants and stores permanently shuttered because the government arbitrarily destroyed the proprietor’s financial existence? Who wants to take a vacation in the middle of that? Blight from hurricanes ends tourist destinations for years after the fact. This event is probably going to be like that.

And now he’s considering new ways to strip people of all of their civil liberties.

I have been waiting for Florida to enact its shelter-in-place order, which I think will probably come tonight (just in time to drop stocks another 5%). All governors, regardless of political party, tend to act like lemmings in a crisis. I saw that clearly in 2008, and I see it clearly here. When one does something extreme, they all feel peer pressure to do it too. They don’t want to be the outlier, because in politics, the outlier gets whacked by the mob.

Well, it turns out that Governor DeSantis has come up with something worse than shelter-in-place. Now he wants to take all the people who test positive for coronavirus – an illness that has little to no effect on most people – and put them up in some George W. Bush Katrina Superdome in the state or rent a hotel for them to stay in for weeks. Not even give them the option of self-quarantining, because he is so mesmerized by statistics now that he doesn’t want to risk one person in a home infecting others with a cold virus.

This means if you are a parent, you get separated from your kids. I’m not sure what he plans to do with single parents with no relatives in the state.

And if your kid tests positive, I assume that means the state is going to take your child away from you. Maybe they will give you the option of going with your child, but that sort of defeats the purpose of the policy.

This policy will obviously scare the shit out of anyone who even thinks about doing mundane things like going grocery shopping. Is getting another canned good worth risking being separated from your child by the state?

And DeSantis seemingly doesn’t care if his behavior is unconstitutional. Because he’s such a good conservative, you know.

I seriously want to get the fuck off this brain dead planet. I cannot believe what these people have done to my state and my country.

2 thoughts on “Governor DeSantis now considering imprisoning people who test positive

  1. WOW. I never would have thought that would be suggested! It’s scary seeing how fast things are changing.

    There was a prophecy about 2020 bringing extremely negative changes (namely war of some kind) and I wondered about it, but couldn’t see how it would happen exactly. I usually don’t pay attention to any current day prophecies, but for some reason this one felt different, but of course it could still be wrong. Now I can see it playing out more realistically though… people are even referring to Trump as the War time president (although prophecies should always be looked at with extreme skepticism). It’s just interesting… Not sure what we will end up like as a country, but still holding on to God’s promises. We will get through this, it may get worse and a lot scarier, but this isn’t going to be the end. If anything I believe the Christians will show people how essential God’s Word is in times like the ones that may be coming. We will be the ones bringing comfort to the poor when the government runs out. We will be the ones taking care of the most vulnerable because it will come from conviction and not forced charity taxes.

    I think God is still using President Trump, and he really will prove himself to be the best leader we could have in times like this, even though people on the Left are calling him murderer. It is amazing to really see how diabolically evil some of them are, makes the spiritual battle for our country feel all the more real.

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