Tomorrow will likely bring another massive stock market crash

I’ve said this before, but state and local governments are quite literally lemmings. One runs off a cliff, and the others will follow. You can set your watch to it, like Immanuel Kant on his morning walk.

I expected DeSantis to issue a shelter-in-place order tonight (just in time for a market crash!) and it seems to be forthcoming. An email from our city (in a county with ZERO cases) says that all parks, trails, and beaches are now closed and anyone outside will be subject to law enforcement. Which is great, because I was afraid I might catch the coronavirus from a fucking palm tree.

Multiple other states have now issued shelter-in-place orders, meaning that the minimal amount of economic activity happening there is now gone.

Friends in money management got bombed just now with notices that big boys get priority in executing sales on securities. Stock futures are already limit down.

This is it, folks. This is the real motherfucking deal. Your entire survival rests in the hands of a printer. Totally stupid. Totally unnecessary.

Vote all Baby Boomers out of office in 2020. Get them out of every relevant cultural institution.

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