Perhaps letting an 8-year-old be a cricket farmer was a bad idea

As I explained in an earlier post, my husband got tired of driving to PetCo to get crickets for Elise’s very hungry bearded dragon every other day. So he bought 500 crickets online and put them in a previously unused terrarium in our daughter’s room. And they have been making their sweet, sweet music all night long for about a week. I have not gotten much sleep lately for so many reasons.

It couldn’t get much worse than this, I thought. But like everything in the world these days, it can get much, much worse.

All of the crickets that have not been devoured by the lizard (just under 400, in my estimation) have now escaped and are running loose around the house that the government says we cannot leave.

Interestingly, some of them are starting to make their way back to the cardboard delivery box they came in. I am not sure if that’s because the insects have a memory and think there will be delicious cricket food or whatever they were sent here with in there. Or if being placed next to a terrarium with a giant lizard, with a front-row seat to the daily cricket holocaust, is wearing them down and they want to go home.

6 thoughts on “Perhaps letting an 8-year-old be a cricket farmer was a bad idea

  1. So, I’m guessing that letting the giant lizard have free run of the house, in order to disappear any remaining loose crickets, is not an option?

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    1. It seriously may come to that. We have a little dog and a house cat too, so we usually don’t let the lizard run loose. Maybe I can turn him loose and just shut some doors. The dog does eat the occasional cricket though, so there’s that. At the moment, I am very thankful my husband only ordered 500 and did not spend the extra $5 to get a thousand.

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