Private schools need to decouple from public education

I was just talking to a neighbor with a daughter who should have been finishing kindergarten this year at a private Lutheran elementary school but is instead stuck at home. She was asking me to send her the best websites on learning to homeschool because the director of her daughter’s school told her that they were tethered to the academic calendar of the Florida public school system and likely would not be re-opening for the rest of the school year. And who even knows what comes after that.

Why? Because he’s afraid of lawsuits. Even though children fare fine with the virus (it’s a freaking cold virus, after all), all it takes is one positive test and someone might sue their little school for not being closed down like the public schools. Their kid might be just fine, but they also might sue anyway. And then a small religious school would cease to exist. I’m sure the Catholic Church is going through the same exact thing with its school system.

The fact of the matter, however, is the public school system is not only shut down over the virus. They are shut down at this point because states have nuked the largest source of K-12 public education funding. They are facing a financial reckoning that does not match that of private education, but private education is following them down the political toilet bowl.

This is not a productive correlation for private education and private schools need to locate their spine or they will collapse financially like public education.

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