Are we living in an epic political ruse? A look at the people trying to drum up panic and how they are being funded.

After reading pieces from researchers at Oxford and Stanford who were highly critical of the Imperial “exponential growth” model and indicated it was vastly exaggerating the impact to the United States (see previous posts on this site, there are too many to link to), I have started looking into where all of the popularly distributed information on the coronavirus is coming from. And, boy, is that rich territory to explore.

I believe there is a concerted political propaganda campaign underway in the United States, and it should be a top priority of Dr. Fauci and others to squash it immediately. And I don’t mean chewing journalists out at a press conference. I think they need to dox the people behind this behavior on national television. And I think the Department of Justice should be looking at the people behind the Covid Act Now website in particular.

The coronavirus is obviously not a “hoax.” But for politicians on the left, this is certainly another Russia conspiracy in terms of providing an opportunity to manipulate the public consciousness against Trump and other political figures. Using fake models and apocalyptic talk to dial panic up to 11 is their main agenda right now.

Covid Act Now” is Basically a Democratic PAC

First up: the Covid Act Now webpage. I have been wondering where all these mayors were getting the exponential-growth-and-we’re-all-gonna-die charts that they are using in press conferences to justify continuing to lock down their communities and kill small businesses. These charts absolutely do not reflect the growing medical consensus on what is happening with the coronavirus. They are getting them from a website called Covid Act Now. The media (both national and local) also breathlessly share and amplify the charts from this website, because they can be counted on to share anything without caring where it came from. It came from the Interwebs, so it must be true.

The website, which purports to offer projections about how bad the epidemic will get in states and cities, now has a banner at the top that reads “Public leaders & health officials: The only thing that matters right now is the speed of your response. This model is intended to help make fast decisions, not predict the future.” Got that? It’s the first “model” in the entire history of mathematics that derives its value from something other than its predictive ability. That sounds like a joke, but they are actually telling you the truth in that disclaimer. Their fake model is designed to incite panic, not capture what is happening in reality.

I assume they put that there because they thought they were going to get sued at some point, which I certainly hope is the case. I hope the lawsuits from taxpayer and industry groups rain down on these individuals personally like a motherfucking category 5 hurricane.

Are the people behind this site epidemiologists? Do they work in health care at all?

The site was put together by Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins, a Democratic state representative in the Alaska House of Representatives and veteran political operative, having been a “major online organizer” for Howard Dean’s failed presidential bid. Posting fake crap online is pretty much his gig.

Other founders of the site include Hillary Clinton and DNC donors from Silicon Valley, including Zachary Rosen, Max Henderson, and Igor Kofman. Prior to his foray into projecting the spread of disease, Kofman created a dorky online video game to raise $1 million for whatever Democratic candidate would be challenging Trump.

The individuals behind the Covid Act Now website are trying to push public panic about the virus and punish the economy because they are Democratic operatives and passionately care about electing Biden. State and local governments are sharing the work product of uneducated political activists, not people who understand what is actually going on from a scientific background.

These are not serious people, but they are using the nature of traditional and social media to get their false scenarios taken seriously. It’s really not that different than the Russians buying Facebook ads and organizing fake protests in 2016, but this time it involves mayors and state lawmakers who have the power to put several million people out of work.

Democratic Leaders are Going on Tour Now

Painting a Picture of the Apocalypse

Since Trump mentioned in a town hall that he expects to have the economy open by Easter, state and local Democratic leaders and policymakers have started going on tour with stories of how they will probably keep their states and cities under lock down for months, potentially until the end of the year.

For example, Senator Sinema’s office convened a group of manufacturing companies in Arizona – her office put this event together – to tell them this would be worse than the Spanish Flu and Great Depression combined. Did she have any policy suggestions? Nope, she just wanted to tell them their companies were about to be destroyed. Toodles.

From Business Insider: Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti warns of mass death, condemns ‘false hope,’ and tells us his city will be on lockdown for another 2 months — and to ‘be prepared for longer.’

It’s not hard to go on and on with examples. They are trying to blanket the airways now with images of mass death and a long-term collapse of the US economy.

I’m sure they think this does a lot of things for them politically. They think it is hurting Trump (though polls suggest otherwise – in general, people want to consume hope and action, not death and destruction and despair). But they also see the stimulus legislation as vehicles for getting the spending policies their political cronies want. There was more relief for Pelosi’s little black book in the stimulus legislation than there was for all of the small business owners in the country. And Biden is going around telling people that in the next round they will get the Green New Deal. Mo’ despair, mo’ money!

These people are disgusting and they are putting out disinformation on a grand scale in the middle of a panic. This behavior needs to be forcefully condemned by someone in a position of authority, because terrorizing the masses to score political points is the absolute last thing our country needs right now.

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