Don’t get invested in stimulus legislation brinkmanship

Stock futures are lower because House of Representatives lawmakers have to return to Washington to approve the stimulus legislation.

This should have been a simple process. The chamber could adopt the legislation by consent, but that can be thwarted by a single member. And it looks like it is going to be.

In this case, GOP Representative Thomas Massie of Kentucky seems to be stepping up to become the most loathed lawmaker in America. Note: He cannot stop approval of the bill. All he can do is be an epic drama queen and unnecessarily frustrate it. I’d hope this garbage move would end his political career, but I’m also quite familiar with his Northern Kentucky district and doubt it will.

It was stupid to send lawmakers home during a time of crisis to begin with, and that’s on Pelosi. We could be done with this entire thing by now if it were not for her antics all along the way. I’m sure she sent them home with the logic that it would prevent exactly this sort of thing from happening: “Do you want to be the one responsible for everyone having to come back just to defeat you?”

You shouldn’t put legislation this important in the situation of being delayed by assuming people are better than that. With several hundred members, chances are, there’s going to be at least one who isn’t.

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