Thomas Massie is probably the new Jeff Flake

In an earlier post, I suggested that GOP Representative Thomas Massie would likely not face any consequences for his diva move on holding up the stimulus legislation. That’s probably not entirely accurate.

Thomas Massie’s opponent in the Republican primary – which was helpfully postponed until June thanks to the coronavirus – is Todd McMurtry, better known as the lawyer who represented the Covington Catholic high school students that were defamed by the media in one of their zillion manufactured outrages.

Did it not occur to him that Trump could respond to this by endorsing his opponent? Or does he think that’s going to happen anyway, and he’s pulling a Flake?

Whatever it is, he just became a household name in America for holding up checks to people who are out of work. He deserves all the contempt he will receive.


Looks like Trump is already there, lol.

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