Panic is suddenly the new Republican message

My phone has been blowing up this morning with messages from Republican groups, who had mostly gone dark during this crisis. It’s quite clear that panic is the new Republican message – a dramatic shift from last week. I think they might be surprised at how little ordinary Americans want to hear this garbage right now.

It’s like they had a focus group over the weekend and decided that (1) Americans are pissed about the sudden reversal in our economy, and (2) Americans are pissed at the media relentlessly shoveling Chinese propaganda in their faces, and so they decided to merge these two targets into “China lied and now America is screwed.” And they are going back to models of the spread of the coronavirus that have since been revised dramatically down. They are back to using old, hysterical numbers that are objectively not accurate now that data exists to gauge them.

I wrote back to every one that they can take my phone number off their list and that I am not voting for a single Republican candidate until they cut the crap and put America back to work. This is beyond out of hand.

If I wanted a trashed economy and pork spending as far as the eye could see, I’d be a liberal. And right now, that’s what Trump looks like. If this is the way he wants to run the country, there’s no real difference between him and the corpse the Democratic machine is pushing.

Trump did a good job last week of taking positive steps to repair the economy and giving a message of hope. Now he’s nuked that, which will have the real-world effect of nuking the good he has done. It’s infuriating.

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