Trump is back to screwing things up and markets reflect that

Last week, mostly everyone was feeling optimistic about the coronavirus response and Trump’s ability to mitigate the economic fallout for the American people. But he’s gone and screwed that all up again in a matter of days. Per usual, the dude needs to get a grip on his personnel and his own circle of influence big-time. This is the side of Trump that I cannot stand.

After sparring with members of the media last week, and making rational, scientific observations like the data do not suggest the dire projections the media keep sharing, Dr. Birx started getting personally attacked by members of the media. Good-for-nothing Maggie Haberman at the New York Times was leading the charge in the ad hominems about Birx. It was all she talked about for days, like some middle school brat trying to start gossip about one of the popular kids.

Apparently it worked, because now Dr. Birx and Fauci are quoting dire models themselves, relying especially on a specific model that has been thoroughly debunked in the medical community for its obviously bad math. They’ve seemingly convinced Trump to push back the quarantine until the end of April. All the cute fliers they put out about “15 days to stop the virus” have been revised to “30 days to stop the virus.” You can forgive Americans for thinking that maybe these people don’t have a fucking clue, and they are going to keep the entire economy shut down because of the experience of the tri-state area, where ten million people live on top of each other like cockroaches and share all the germs.

Trump, for his part, has decided to join Democrats in pushing crisis-era pork spending. This is the time for infrastructure, he screams. Of course, every American knows that the only way he’d get an infrastructure bill through Congress is with an epic ton of Green New Deal bullshit, much like Obama’s stimulus and the hundreds of millions of dollars it gave to defunct solar companies run by his political cronies. You know, the stimulus bill that is mostly known for not doing jack shit for the economy during the financial crisis because it kept money in the hands of a relatively small number of people. There’s a reason why everyone was clamoring to have stimulus structured to write a check to every American rather than do what Obama did: What Obama did was not effective at anything beyond allowing the political class to loot the US Treasury.

I don’t know what the hell happened to Trump over the weekend, but dire projections that are not at all supported by science and very leftist proposals to pump up the pork, pump it up, leave the grandkids with $30 trillion of debt because America freaked out about pneumonia for a month and shut down the entire economy, is enough to make me vote third party in November. This is bullshit, Trump. Complete and utter bullshit.

The amount of waste we are going to have after this episode is going to be amazing. And if Trump wants to keep our country in this shape indefinitely over the whims of a handful of people, that V-shaped recovery he’s betting on is not going to happen and the stimulus bridge-to-the-future he has built will collapse. By May, Trump will have thoroughly torched whatever support he had among ordinary Americans.

2 thoughts on “Trump is back to screwing things up and markets reflect that

  1. Don’t give up on him just yet! There may be no better person to really have (that could win) come November.

    I feel so sorry for him… I think he must be under just tremendous stress and then to have so many awful people telling him different, conflicting things at the same time. The media and his enemies constantly framing his every move as a horrible mistake or worse, a deliberately destructive decision. Maybe it’s all finally getting to him 😦 hopefully he’ll make better decisions moving forward, but right now, I just don’t see who else I’d want in office. Pray for him! I pray for him and his family all the time… just can’t imagine what they go through, so much that they’ve sacrificed, and for a country that really doesn’t deserve it 😦 .

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